Monday, April 6, 2009

let's backtrack a bit..

so on saturday morning,
DU's u-15 and u-18 girls had a match against sri kdu's.

their first match ever.

ripple tank!

don't wory girls, it's just your first match :)
believe me, training helps. learnt that the hard way :D

some of the u-18s..

the rest of us who were still there. heh.

something totally random, but after church yesterday..

this is khaiweng.
i love you, mingyue. will you marry me, mingyue? i was planning to have a future with you la mingyue. i want a boy and a girl, mingyue.
man if suzen was on crack, this guy's on bong plus ice or something.

had bakuteh with my parents and aunty laygaik for dinner along jalan ipoh.

not many pictures of the food, but just look at that la. woo.
i feel the rumblys in my tumblys.

it's gonna be a long week.

i want the highscore, the highscoreeee,