Sunday, April 19, 2009

karaoke phail

so suzen and i went to ou a bit earlier yesterday to look around for a present for ashvin.

stopped by to grab some takoyaki. :3

and minghan joined us for a bit cause he was bored.

after FINALLY deciding on a present for ashvin, we headed to neway to meet up with the others.

and then we discovered that karaoke for the birthday girl was for free.
we also discovered that the price per person is RM 44... ++.
which added up to about RM 68 per person.


bluddy neway phone operators who failed to mention the frigging PLUSPLUS.

so we didnt get our karaoke night, hence the title of the post.


stoned outside on neway's couches for a bit, waiting for ashvin to decide where to go for dinner instead.

minn, suzen and ashvin.

oh and we gave ashvin her present.
hope you liked it, punjabo!

a kingston 8gb pendrive with a lanyard and a big pig keychain (chinbabi) in a furry black handphone pouch.
from suzen, hazel, siewmun and i. :D

so after stoning for damn long, we decided to go to garden.

the sexy hostess at the front counter.

and i sat next to trixha, opposite siewmun.
it was like watching a couple during dinner..

fuuuuuud D:

cream of h20-cress soup.

homemade wild mushroom soup.

spaghetti aglio olio with shrimp was damn tasty.

spaghetti pomodoro

spaghetti marinara

the garden sandwich.

and a super KICKS FRIDAY'S ASS beef burger.

belated birthday girlll.

you crrrayyyzee. so crayzee.

sieuminn in the "top her mommy let her out it". LOL
*inside joke.

munyi stink eye

siewmun stoopid girll.

treeeeshawww the bottomless pittt.

suzenneyhunney.. and mei. lol.

i was hungry. heh.

trixha, siewmun and munyi camwhored a lot.

"the minghan". lol check munyi out.

"the bimbo." lol siewmun looks like a mannequin.



mei again. lol.

budak lorong belakang.

munyi making out with some reekbok poster

and mei looks like a druggie.

damn, munyi's so much taller than me.

it was a good dinner. :)

suzen and i were high on.. i dunno what.

i love white men. shiny white plastic men.

beware of flasher in one utama.

we went to cold storage.. cause we're cool.

picking carrots. O.o

ooohhh i wanna squeeze the avocados.
oh my this one's so soft.
*squeeze squeeze

do you want some joooozzzeeeeeehh? xD mei and cheryl arent the only ones who're gay..

piggyback rides. O.o

went to that pet shop next door which took over giant's free gift counter lol.

they were seriously super the damn jakun over the porcupine there.

but it is pretty cute la.

minghan picked suzen and i up and met up with darren and steph at jasema.

darren, steph and minghan were laughing their canoodles out watching suzen's dad and the strawberry video. kekekeke. eh go youtube la zeeeeennnnnnnn.

mimpi terakhir 7 (ffvii) :D,