Saturday, April 18, 2009

dinner and lunch with the family

went to marche at the curve for dinner last night with moozie, aunty bee, g-mama and chantum.

i kinda like marche's market concept.
but the standard of the food there dropped like crazy.

didnt get to eat their bread and butter pudding this time round tho :(

mommeh and aunty bee at the pasta stall.

i think working at the pizza station, which was at one isolated corner of the restaurant, is pretty boring.

root and ginger beer.

sauteed mushrooms

rösti with sausage.

chicken chop and mash

some kinda pasta.

savoury crepe, has mushrooms and chicken inside.

plain rösti.

ah ma. haha.

aunty bee and mommeh.

chantum. ee so cute.

i'm starting to actually LIKE tying up my hair.
even better if the ponytail's really high. maybe i SHOULD keep it long.

well... maybe not high to THAT extent la but whatever.

went to de maw, cheras, for lunch today.

complimentary soup. iLaike:D

some veggie which i did not touch.
aunty bee thought the garlic bits were croutons lol

taufu and meatballs.

ribs and brocolli :D

and the most godlike herbal chicken on earth. *mouth waters

my grandmother got pissed when i took a candid shot of her lol


mommeh looking pretty happy.

aunty bee (the garlic crouton person lol)

and me. heh.


so condescending; unnecessarily critical,