Saturday, April 11, 2009

mssd day 4 & 5.

sorry for being mia, been dead tired and bsy running up and down. heh.

on thursday,
the bigger, better bus cam to pick us up.

dragonfly :)

i dont see how they never get sick of taptap revenge 2.

watched the du guy's match against bu3.

my heart feels for the du guys man.
seriously damn unlucky.

had a match against bu3 after that.
hey the score wasnt as bad as we thought it would've been okay :P

watched a bit of the u-18 bu4 vs dj guy's game.

followed them to mcd's for lunch.

check out the fries, lol.

went to minghan's house to refill some bottles.
played against sri kdu after that.

man, i dont think i've ever played any worse than i did then in my entire life..

needed a ride to tuition that night,
had dinner with minghan and his family at his place..

another cake for him. lol.

went back to bu3 the next morning for the closing ceremony.

aiklynn gave birth in the bus.

watched the bu3 vs catholic u-18 girl's match.
that's the finals, btw.

it was pretty boring la, all things considered.
thank god i had esther's friend's slr for the first two quarters.

i thought this picture was quite funny.
they're both suspended in midair lol

the bu3 vs sas u-18 guys had their match after that.
didnt bother staying to watch, we went to the canteen to eat.

started the prize giving ceremony with a performance by the school's marching band.

damn cute seriously.

had to sit under the KNS BLAZING HOT SUN during the prize giving ceremony.

p/s: congrats to bu3, who got gold for all freaking four categories -.-

nabihah was supposed to smile for me. x/

we all got our medals after that.

suddenly when we win something, he appears out of no where.

srikdu's all looking pretty happy
despite the fact that they missed david archuleta in their school during the match :P.

us :)

a very happy marie.

we got people to sign our jerseys after that..

nabihah taking her favourite spot.

nabihah's pretty cheeky.

tsk tsk tsk.

my first (and last) mssd medal, ever. O.o
i completely didnt deserve it though..
but the one thing i'll definitely miss about the school..

man, their pan mee godlike.

man. i feel so fit after this whole week.
maybe it's time for me to start hitting the gym again.

our little corner,