Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Louis!

the one who wants pyjamas pants from topshop
the one who makes kickass potato salad!

so for this whole week, we've been having the annual photoshoot for the school magazine.
felt abit weird to not be one of the mega stressed up people on duty, but hey, it felt good. ;)

of course, one wednesday, we had the uniformed bodies photoshoot.

hah! i finally got to sit down :D

this is getting abit too cliche.


and today, we had our clubs and whatnot.

and 5 kempas, baking under the rays of the merciless sun.

top row, L-R: the AX- guy, the NERDS, SIABALL, i play [ball], sexy, silence is golden
middle, L-R: zZzZ, [i dunno whats that], the EATERS, perfect, GG-bra, lazy gaga, crazy, happy, may-niac.
botton, L-R: jou, rahul, ???ZzZ???, the monitor, the teacher, random, funny.

yea, click to enlarge. it's pretty funny.
and pn anisha's so cute! ahahahahhahaha.

rumah kuning!

rawr :D

olahraga club..



lol. mdm president and vice sesat.

track teammm!

man my jersey smelled like bloody sharpie.

basketball teamm

bakar bakar

our girls. :)

oh and just in case the leos wanted, here're some of their free pose pictures.

pick, grab, steal all the pictures you want.

just leave a comment in the cbox, please and thank you :)

and more random camwhore pictures from today..

siewmun and suzen getting it on with the camera.
*wipes lens

and we had these random paper things..

nuff said :D

qian qian. LOL.

and "random" was a big hit.

esther doing "the josephine".

jou!!! :D

bounce bounce.

huixian and deepa.

mei, minn and munyi.

and this is for you, cheryl.