Tuesday, April 7, 2009

mssd day 2.

u-18s and u-15s.
all 23 of us squashed up in a mini mini bus -.-

it was the u-15's first mssd ever!

against dj.

hmmm, the play wasnt that good

but its okay, gambateh! stay positif, yo.


oh and let me introduce our audience.

khaiweng and michael. or chermy, i dunno.

buncha bu4 guys, khaiweng's friends.

what the hell is kura?
turtle la

lol jiann.

and ed. :D

not long after the u-15's match, it was the u-18's turn against bu2.

lookit cheryl. oh daym.

hmmm. mei, please rest your knee well. really.

cheryl's way of "hold ball".

went to the canteen after the matches.

aikjean and the rest of the u-15s harassing the lil malay boy in the canteen.

her name's ming. mingyao, that is. mhmm. ;)



dearly beloved,
we gather here today to mourn the loss of the one who was there for me.
you were there for me for my first training.
you were there for me for my first mssd.
you were there for me, rain or shine.
you were always there for me, my beloved whities. :(



i'll always remember you.
you have served me well.
too bad you couldnt last one more (or three) days. :(

but then again, you were so easily replaced.

yeah, i got the same pair as kuan yen's.
(thanks for lending them to me during our match btw!)
they were just too, too pretty (and dirt cheap) to resist!
and i didnt have enough time or money to get another anyway.

and i got pretty socks to match.
man am i the bimbo or am i THE bimbo.

it was a good day. i'm happy. :)

will be changing bloglinks as soon as all this hastle is over.
still thinking about it. heh.

one last hour, honey.