Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, everyone!

went to the gardens, mid valley in the afternoon yesterday with my mom, aunty bee and ah ma.
window shopped for a bit and got a pair of pants from principles. really good bargain. :D

went to our favourite taiwanese restaurant, fong lye, for tea.

apple yogurt is the shizz.

rose tea.

kickass sweet potato balls.

taiwanese sausage.

spring rolls.

and taiwanese fried clams. heh.

ah ma enjoying her meal.. i think.


and all the way from the and down under, aunty bee :D

went out for dinner after that with uncle teh and family.

oriental pavillion at jaya 33. mhmm. the big one.

my grandmother in her purple superman cape.

when the food started arriving, i was pretty surprised.
everything was served western style.
not like your typical chinese dumping-every-dish-on-the-lazy-suzie kinda thing.

orintal pavillion's three treasures.
scallops, prawns, and... something dipped in a whole lotta wasabe wth

double boiled seafood soup in old cucumber.

and this was heaven.

deep fried spare ribs marinated in red wine.

ribs were about as big as my hand.
i think my pinky is so abso-bloody-lutely retarded.

braised baby abelone with gluten.

braised egg noodle with minced meat and brinjal.
tasted like really good wantan mee.

tongyuen with black sesame seed filling.
the ginger water was DAMN.. ginger-ish. headpain la.

so yeah, today's easter.
fyi to people who're in the dark,
easter's the day that jesus ressurected after his death on the cross.
yeah. go google it.

so i went to church as usual, and i brought a friend along this time.

meet penny.

minghan doesnt like penny very much.

but khaiweng does.

oh yeah, he definitely does.

"aaww the tingle lady, aww the tingle ladyyy!!"
(all the single ladies, khaiweng style)

proof that khaiweng is bong, ice, crack, weed, pokemon and tomyum

Kura says:
The world has moved on, Yi-May-Saii. Amidst the turmoil that has befallen Gilead, we alone have prospered in getting post-paid numbers that are nigga-ass-crack cheap in your Abbyss of black women :U

here i am now at home, emoingbythelaptop and KO-ing slowly and softly.

emobythelaptop O.o