Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mssd day 3.

went back to bu3 again today, earlier this time cause the u-15's match was pretty early.
they played against bu2.

kim and the number 8, lol damn cute.

i bet they wouldnt forget her for a long time..

while waiting for the u-18's match, we went to the canteen.

taptaprevenge 2 is the kunyit.

and the funniest thing that has happened during mssd so far..
observe the laughing faces in the photos.

the story of mei's umbrella.

which became like THIS..

god knows what peir hung did to it la okay.

still laughing..

still laughing..

STILL laughing.

"it's not FUNNYYYYYY!!!".
but they're still laughing.


do they really know what they're doing?
woot, go peiyeen!

and it was our turn after that, against sultan abdul samad.

felt like there was a pillow all around me when we were defending.
bloody number 13. i kill your mother burn your house kns.

oh and we stayed long enough to watch a bit of the bu3 guy's game.

the fella can dunk wth.
but he fell straight on his back/ass right after making that shot. poor guy.

it's pretty scary when the whole school's watching.
even worse when they start cheering altogether.
it's like malaysian philharmonic orchestra right there.

look at our scoresheet.
they screwed our name list up with the u-15 guy's.
how it happened i have no frigging idea.

hell yeah. my name is mahadhir.

bu3 and sri kdu tomorrow.

surprises are the best gifts for anybody, yes?

hope you had a good one :D

oh and btw, welcome to! :)