Tuesday, April 7, 2009

mssd day 1.

okay wow, thanks for the suggestion on the bloglink, guys :)
i dont wanna overflow my cbox, so i'll just reply all your comments here. :D

bryanlyt: ahha tomyam and yamcha wasnt my idea okay! but shootmaynow's the name of some of my other accounts :D

jeff: oh lol. well my name's everywhere on this blog so yeah. O.o

guest: hahaha! gimmaymore sounds pretty good. hehe. good ideas. really. :)

small potato: hmm nice what? join what? lol

zhe: yeah it was :D

vic,vonne, jean & sofea: yeah i like it toooo. i came up with it myself teehee.

ashvin: are you serious? it's damn random lol.

yanleng: ahhaha my blogs mostly about food mah! clickmay? haha serious? okay okay.

pline: ahhaha. yeah i like may-niac too. but abit the hard to explain to people leh.

trixha: hahaha you fell off your chair? but ming thought of those ideas! not me! heh. gimmaymore. hmmmmmmmmm.

khaiweng: LOL yeah we all laike the lice with the KICAP. whattheshits your suggestions all. sat here laughing for a good 5 minutes okay. maybank2u lol. ice ice baby? lol. okay i'm gonna link you, just wait.

cass: lol i thought of aMAYzing, but it isnt available. mayday damn boring la lol :P

suzen: hahahahahahahahahahahahah. khaiweng is a nut. worse than you, i'm afraid. ;)

right moving on.

so we had mssd at bu3 this year, instead of some super ulu/far away/unheard of place.

we got a super goddamn kecik bus.
my legs couldnt stretch, we had to sit sideways.

got to watch a few matches before our match.

bu4 vs sri kdu.

thank god mei had extra umbrellas besides my redundant lime green one.

aiklynn doing her add maths lol.

4 in 1.

3 in 1.

2 in 1.

...and 1 in 1. tsk tsk tsk.

then it was our turn,
catholic vs du.
i guess, knowing that we'd already loose makes the play a whole lot more fun.

i got to tap her ball. kekeke.

who can deny the joy it brings
when you found that special thing
you're flying without wings

thank you, kdus and bu4s and the random guys who cheered for us :D

and guess who was there.
HAHAHAHAHA maybank2u wth

some of us at the canteen.
eh bu3's pan mee is awesome shizznitzz.

laik hantuuu.

went back to school for prom committee meeting after that, and followed suzen back to her place with hazel and lynnette.

teh oh aisssss limau :D

here's a lil story if you've got a lot of time on your hands.

one day, may got a really bright idea.

she wanted to share her food with suzen.

but suzen didnt wanna share may's food.

may was very sad.
she felt so lost, so alone.

and when suzen saw may's sad face, she gave in.

the end.

lynnette and hazel ate RM19.50 worth of mamak food.
dbkl/mbpj sial.

meet my friend from jasema,
we dubbed him crack.

i try really hard to convince him that im vegetarian
by ordering sotong tomyam and tandoori chicken when im there -.-

river flows in you,