Monday, April 20, 2009

about 3 things i was absolutely certain..

before we go on,
i think this is inhuman.

The poverty-stricken father of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali plans to become a millionaire himself-by SELLING his nine-year-old daughter.
i am disgusted. just, disgusted.

so uncle teh and aunty ong treated us to dinner last night since aunty bee and ahma were leaving for penang the next morning.

went to some coffeeshop near sentosa park.

potato shoots i think.

belacan lala. mhmm.

i loved this. i LOVED this. i. LOVED. this.
some sorta honey claypot pork. wooo. stim.

assam fish.

and sweet and sour crab. hmmm.

ah ma :)

went to inti college, subang jaya today for some sorta.. i dunno, motivational talk?
as boring as it may sound, it was actually damn good.

maybe cause the speaker was ang mo and we were quite taken by his accent or something.
many thanks for pn chang and mr daniel kelch.

had a break with good nuggets and wonky textured sausages.

mr plastic. lol
*inside joke

we were all liking the green green wallls. :D

hey, it was cold in that room okay!

the now 6-di-belakang. mmm :(
maybe i should edit jou's face into this pic somewhere.

meatballs. oh yum,