Saturday, April 25, 2009


went to the ship at uptown for dinner yesterday night.

good service, for one.
not very good food though.

creamed spinach.
i can see minn and a whole lotta other readers cringing at the sight of it.
it doenst taste as good as it did anymore. hmm.

the extremely huge salad that came with my mom's food.

my steak thing. gosh it felt like i was chewing on a rubber tyre =.=
best steaks in town my ass.

my mom's seafood was pretty decent though.

mommeh in a bib.
paying close attention to the waiter flipping her food. mm.

went to namaste, ttdi for dinner tonight.
been passing by that almost everyday,
but we somehow never got our butts up to try the place.

it's on the same row as mama's kitchen/ devis corner, btw.


plain naan.

nasi briyani.

bendi fried.

alu gobi, curry cauliflower and potatoes.

mutton rogan.

and the best thing i've ever tasted in a long time,

butter chicken.
it tastes so good, i can just break down and cry.




do you sometimes feel that there're things you could've changed?

things you could've stopped from happening?
things you could've done better?
things you could've worded differently?

it just gets pretty suicidally depressing, when you really think about it.

today, i've confirmed the fact that i've lost 20 000++ pictures from my external hard drive. i was so sure that, what with all this tech savvy people lurking in every corner, that there'd be some way to retrieve the data that has been lost.

but they couldn't.

i lost everything.

everyone's birthday parties,
all the troop meeting pictures,
random outings,
pictures of jou and i,
family dinners,
everything before the 4th of april.

it just makes me so, so sad.

the only thing that can count as reassuance, is that some of it's on my blog.
that's right, SOME. i take a lot of pictures, you see. and not all of them are bloggable material, if you get what i mean. but memories nontheless.

i'd do anything to get those 20 000 pictures back.
but nothing can be done.

and reading a walk to remember by nicholas sparks prior to all this happening does not help in any way possible.

i'm becoming an emotional wreck.

ain't it sad?