Friday, July 31, 2009

she wears short skirts but i wear mini skirts :P

minghan took me to the cendol/rojak place near taman bahagia lrt station before picking minghan's friends, charis and eekai who're from penang up.

mmmm. not bad laa.

it's directly opposite the taman bahagia lrt station. heh.

went to village park for lunch :D
that's the two of them, eekai and charis.


horlicks makes me sick.

had village park's awesome fried chicken.

charis's food.

eekai's food.

i love brinjal. who's with me? :D

minghan's soft boiled egg and toast.

charis posing with her syrup cincau.

ee kai.


later that night,
my mom took me to pizza uno for dinner after tuition.

antipasto vongole aglio olio.

herb chicken with mushroom risotto.

we both ordered the wrong stuff.
my mom thought vongole aglio olio was a pasta and i confused risotto with ravioli.

moozie. :D

and thennnnn...
we all know one use of dry ice. ;)

baskin robbins!
hokey pokey, strawberry cheesecake, chrry jubilee, and rum and raisin. heh.

suzen's currently at my place having ice cream and watching 17 again. :D

and minghan's got a really annoying flip flop thing in his car.

17 again still creeping me out,