Saturday, January 31, 2009

just a quick one

You say the storm will pass
We'll work it out
The road can get a little rough sometimes
I'll move it fast without a doubt
Our hearts will beat in separate rooms tonight

steamboat. wawaweewa.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacqueline!

ahhaha. i know you don't wanna go back to school, but hey, at least you have a birthday party to look forward to when you get back to hongkong :)

our generation has had no great war, no great depression.
our war is spiritual. our depression is our lives.

sounds about right, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'm getting prosperous.

woke up a lil late, took such a long time to get ready till we actually missed breakfast!

outfit for today:

t-shirt from purpledotz which had an awesome fit.
red shorts from

kevin had to sit on aunty joolee's lap.

went to one stop to look at more dvds and grab some lunch.

went to the thai stall there.

dont know what it was, looked abit like thai steamboat to me.

and thai chapfun/economy rice? O.o

green curry laksa.

kickass tomyum. woooo.

some chapfun. heh.

eema and eekong.

kevin wanted mcdonalds.

jacqueline wasnt feeling to well.

aunty joolee.

*slurps. the tomyum was AWESOME.

went home for a bit to drop jacq and aunty joolee off cause jacq wasnt feeling too well and needed to go home for some rest.

guess liking hoodies runs in the family :P

aunty mon, in a really really nice dress which she nearly gave to me till i convinced her to wear for the open house she was going to that day.

headed over to pragin mall with eema, eekong and kevin to look for some stuff for the wii.
the clothes, the shoes, EVERYTHING there was so, so cheap.
but i didnt buy any clothes. seriously.

went back home and had some lor bak.

pigs ears, prawn fritters and taukua. AWESOME. ^^

thank you eema and eekong for taking us around today! :D

buys for today:

7 new games for the wii:
`COD: world at war (yeah i'm serious)
`mario kart
`ddr: hottest party 2
`007 quantum of solace
`bomberman land =p
`cooking mama: world kitchen.

hey most of these were recommended by the shop guy okay.
except the bomberman of course. :D

a ddr mat, which eema bought for me. :D

15 in 1 set which is really a 6 in one just that they gave control covers and stuff like that.

the main 6 in the set:

a gun and a tennis racquet.

baseball bat and a steering wheel.

one of those ps2 thingies and a gold club :D

bet mei's gonna have a ball in my house on saturday.

hey, i did say i didnt get any CLOTHES, right? ;)

kevin was having an awesome time playing COD.
looks a lot more interesting than the one the guys play online.

went to sri sawadee for dinner after that.
thai food twice today @.@""

but heck, it beats passions of kerala.
and steamboat, right ivan? :P

she was hungry.

a very odd tasting tomyum soup.

some kinda fried vege.

another kinda fried vege.

kerabu mango.

seafood omelette.

pandan chicken.

some kinda tofu thing.


green curry.

assam fish or something like that.

they're honestly fire and ice.

eekong, eema, and ting.

layheng kaka, layyih kaka and qing kuma.

kaka and aunty mon.

my extremely kepo (busybody) and naughty lil cousin.

jacq, kevin and aunty joo lee again.
maybe i should try and edit uncle shyang guey's face into all their pictures. :P

headed over to campbell street to check out their chinese new year celebration thing.
they closed up the eitire area for it, and there were tonnes of people there.

love the lights hanging around. :)

they were giving out free kuih, biscuits and all sorts of snacks.

they were setting up the lion dance podium thing but they didnt have the performance in the end. didnt know why though.

she burst it in the carpark.
ohhh yeah. she really does reminds me of me.

The lies that tied your tongue in knots
Are the words that grew to hit my spots
So filthy, Dialed desire
Swallowed pride but spit out fire

your mouth it moves but fails to speak,