Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 gadis 1 cawan

if my blog is getting boring, (according to minn)
i sincerely apologise, and thank you my dear remaining readers for continuously visiting :)

so after physics tuition just now, i was feeling hungry for some raisin naan.
dragged minghan and jou out to jasema with me.
jou giving sootan (another person minghan and i've befriended) the stare when he didnt ask her for her order. princess betul.

naan kismis. and jou.

one thing about ordering eggs at places like this.. is that is they're dirty, it might cause salmonella.
minghan and his reasons for his mild ocd.

he loves half boiled eggs.

and he tries to feed it to me EVERY DAMN TIME HE ORDERS IT.

i, on the other hand, think ANY form of egg that's even the slightest bit uncooked, is DISGUSFREAKINGTING. ><

bleurgh. no kidding. ><

traffic lights! kinda. pardon me we're both colour blind abit.

on another note,
R.A.V.E 2 save is coming up the following weekend!
rescue animals via entertainment 2 save, to be exact.
so KDU college's PR class of 2009'll be organising this fund raising event to raise funds for SPCA and the abandoned dogs on pulau ketam.

admission is ONLY RM5!
cheaper than any IR/IU day like omgwtfbbq??
and 100% of the proceeds go to SPCAand the abandoned dogs.

what to expect?
there'll be damn alot of performances,
both by emerging local scenes and dance,
a bazaar where various fashion blogs will be selling their goodies,
a tribute performance to michael jackson,
a mini petting zoo,
a car club show,
new skool hip hop dance workshop by inversion for free (8.30-9.30pm)
and not to mention stalls selling food and beverages.
*psst come to our stall!

i'll see you guys there. :)

for more informantion on rave2save, click here and invite all your friends on facebook.

and i stumbled upon this a few days after i discovered that i was selected for NS
(which i most definitely am going for, btw. just like lynnette, after getting over the shock, i'm actually quite excited.)
anyone wanna join me? :)
drop me a note on my cbox and maybe i'll pull something together. :D

oh and btw,