Monday, July 27, 2009

over the weekend..

usually, friday nights're minghan and my movie nights,
but not last week.
after minghan picked me up from tuition,
we went to datuk sulaiman to help his friend out.
her car got stuck in the 5-foot-way. lol.

since it was jou's last night in malaysia,
a few people came over to my place.
we were supposed to play "i have never" again,
but they ended up playing taptap,

eating snacks,

and playing wii.

and yeah, peckie still owns at boxing.

most of them went back pretty early cause they had to get enough sleep for their bukit tabur hike at 3am the next morning.

the next day,
korkor and uncle soon cheng dropped by in kl.
and happy belated birthday too, uncle soon cheng!

had to rush to jou's place after that cause she was leaving at 2.30, not 3.
all of us were in her room.

kun and yoke, dead from bukit tabur earlier that morning.

i'll miss you jouuu. but ah well. time passes by reallll fast right? :)
and josephine, sorry i couldnt make it to say goodbye..

i'll see you both in 4 months! :)

after church that night,
we went to some yong tau fu place at kota damansara.
minghan and aunty yoke kheng.

mingyue, michael, and abigail.

and the people sitting at the other table.

i haven't had yong tau fu in a reaaaaly long time.

white tofu, bitter gourd, chilli, brinjal.

fried foochuk. yumm.

ladies fingers.

assam fish.

very naked chee cheong fun.

aunty ck, hui en and mingli.

aunty yk and mingyue.

and me. :D

and as for sunday morning,
after fetching khaiweng home,

we headed over to signature kitchen at kota damansara.

remember when i said disgustingly awesome?

DURIANS. bleurgh.

yup, our house church was invited by aunty pansy for some durian fest thing.

and man, they had freaking a lotta durians. not kidding you.
d24, d101, chameleon, golden swallow, and bamboo leg.

the minute you step within 6 feet of the place,

the stench/aroma of the durian engulfs you.

you cannot imagine how hard it was for me to breathe in there.

thank God they had mangosteens there.
big ones, small ones,

and even albino ones (which was rotten but oh well)

and they had the sweetest rambutans there. yumm.

and they all sat down and enjoyed all that durian.

mhmm, they had lots and lots of it.

so much that they never wanted to touch anymore durian for the next 2 years.

see? even durian lovers can pull a face like that after having THAT much durian.

while everyone was enjoying their durian,
i wandered off somewhere else.
spot the not.

evenually, i got used to the smell of the durians and i went back to the table.
and ate as many rambutans as in that 30 minutes we were there.
mhmm that was all eaten by me :P

later that day,
after all that rambutan was digested,
i had har mee insant noodles. heh. i like.

had rachelle and michelle's farewell during youth today.

mingyue's 'uuttt' game.

and there were a lot more people there today. haha.

had lots of food for the farewell,
and headed to ktz, ou for dessert.
haven't been there since last year for minn's bday mannn.

kevin and uncle chris.

uncle hok seng and aunty chooi kuan.

the other end of the table.

longan rose honey.. mmmm jou don't you just miss it?

shanghai sticky rice.

radish cake.

seaweed rolls.

soew kau.

fried tofu.

black glutinous rice, pulut hitam.

peanut butter tong sui.

creamy wheat, mak chuk.

fresh kiwi paste one tau long.

fresh strawberry paste one tau long.

honeydew loh.

mango loh.

strawberry loh! waaa so sweeettt la.

4 strawberry lohs in a row.

aunty yk, hui en, rachelle, mingli lol.

minghan lol, soon seng, mingyue, slr, aileen, aunty yk.

and our dear beloved scottish/hongkee/singaporean/malaysian friends who'r'e leaving us for leeds/edinburgh..

and rachelle.

take care over there yeah. and if you guys ever spot any clothes worth buying, DONT BUY THEM. you're gonna drown europe with the amount of clothes you guys have. :P

on a random note,

gila raccoon at that new petshop. so cute la. haha.

thomas sabo?