Saturday, July 18, 2009

warning: may contain spoilers for HP and the bloody prince

went out with jou, mei, suzen, mark and minghan for dinner last night for dinner before meeting up with the others.
jou, suzen and mei. lol.

squeezing in the back of a small small 1.1 hyundai i10.

suzenneyhunneh and mark.

went to damansara hokkien mee at uptown cause jou wanted some sarhorfun (cantonese fried noodles).
hokkien fried noodles. times two.

cantonese fried. times two.

six of us ate foor for 8. not bad not bad.

mei and minghan.

suzen and mark.

gangster. mei doing a jonathan chen. shh.

siewmun suddenly called and said that the movie starts at 9.
it was 8.50.

shoved all the food into our mouths and jumped into the poor 1.1 car. not bad la okaay not bad laaa. at least it didnt roll down the ramp at tropicana city's carpark. or down. lol.

we looked like hindraf in black or something.
and a little ray of sunshine.

went to watch harry potter and the half blood prince.
remember twilight, and how disappointed i was in that?
well, this was worse.

i rate it 2/10.

20 things i've learned after watching this movie.
1. dumbledore and harry potter corners a lavander couch which transformed into horace slughorn.
2. dumbledore apparently likes knitting.
3. fred and george's joke shop seems to be the answer to bringing our country out of recession.
4. hogwarts installed a super high-tech bubble (which, btw, looks like violet's, from the incredibles, power) around it to ward off death eaters, but if you're dumbledore, you can get away with the high-voltage shocks.
5. ginny weasley looks like she's been doing drugs
6. quidditch magically became football in air.
7. draco's mother looked like she dipped half her head in bleach and forgot about the rest
8. our fragments of memory look like cig smoke
9. the fat lady is gone
10. as harry potter grew up, his scar moved further up his hairline.
11. gandalf the grey/white/yellow was featured in this movie to kill a million and one gollums
12. fenrir greyback looks like filch with less clothes on
13. horace slughorn looks like uncle eddie (the guy who takes me to and from school)
14. he is also a thief who steals the weirdest things: human-eating plant's leaves and human-eating spider's vemon. slughorn, i mean. not uncle E.
15. draco malfoy's blood looks a whole lot like red paint
16. ron and hermione have to go through the weirdest of people before actually settling for one another.
17. felix felicis (no it's not a guy, it's a potion) looks like urine.
18. bellatrix black reminds me a little of myself sometimes
19. dumbledore looked like he was lap dancing when he was casting the fire spell to the inferi.
20. what on earth happened to uncle vernon and aunt petunia?

i am not, in the least bit, happy with the movie. at least, in twilight, the scenes were so stupid we could laugh.
i wonder, maybe its the cast of harry potter.
robert pattinson was cedric diggory, aye?

but enough of that.

jou, don't even bother trying. :P

mwaxmwax. you know you love me.

the boyfriends. lol.

jo, siewmun, suzen and jou.
the others went missing somewhere.

went to the mamak after that for a bit.
alamak, why the heck did you drink teh tarik at that time of the night laa.

minghan ate eggs again. bleurgh.

after add maths tuition today,
a couple of us went round DU area to collect newspapers.
heh my trolley was pathetic compared to pauline's thunder.

i've only done it once, never knew it could actually be something fun.

headquarters: home of the aiks.

and these two, suzen and lynnette
damn the shyiok sendiri lo.
lol at suzen.

lol at suzen again.

and lol at suzen again.
confundus charm kah.

wanted to have lunch after that.
while everyone else walked off to mcds,
lynnette and i went to subway to grab a sandwich each.

spotted this at little black book.

i honestly, honestly, cannot get enough of subway.
SOTD: seafood and crab.
haiyo pauline its not that bad laaa scare me onlyyy. ;)

cool people eat mcds.

cooler people eat subway.

the coolest people, they eat subway in mcds. :P

yoke and louis.

mark and mei.

aik and yoke.

went back to hQ to resume our newspaper collection.

hardworking people..

aww, so cute righttt?
i meant whiskey, not suzen. :P

thanks for everything hunneh :D

so i'm going for some CIMB photography workshop later.
hopefully i'd bump into someone seemingly random, nontheless someone i know,
who would accompany for the night.
and hopefully, i can make it back on time to drop by jo's place.

imma tough cookie. :D