Sunday, July 19, 2009

lay down your arms, give up the fight

so in the end, the CIMB photography workshop thing tak jadi.
went to the correct place and time, but there was no one there.
you could imagine my irritation. wasted 45 precious minutes of my time. growl at cimb.

dad dropped me off at church for anc's first ever saturday meeting.
khaiweng can't get enough of minghan.

and when he touches minghan,
minghan screams like a little girl who has lost her lamb.

dropped by darren's place for a bit, played with his nephew's mini motorbike.
it can move! seriously its like motor powered.

went to josephine's place after that.
and if anyone ever, ever asks you to watch a video called 2 girls 1 cup,
for the love of God, please don't.
i am not kidding you.
i've been scaaaaarrrrreeeeeeddddddd ohamgeeeee.
i had that expression on my face for a good 45 minutes.
disgusting has never been so condensed, pronounced, and magnified.

bleurgh. i've yet to recover.

the next day, went to some coffee shop at ss2 for lunch after church.
it's the corner one opposite maybank i think. hock seng 2.
lookit the reflection.

minghan phail.

i found a place that sells beefball noodles that's closer to home!
of course, the one in kl is a lot better but still.

minghan's yee mee that was foaming at the sides.

i always remembered this coffee shop since i was slightly younger for it's early closing time of 4pm and it's ice kacang.
cause it has ice cream and jell-o. hee :D

had to follow minghan to subang parade for his IBA unplugged leader's meeting.
saw a really pimped up police car.
eh.. real one ah?

that night, i went out with jou, kenvern and minghan for a late dinner.
went back to newyork newyork, i bet the people there missed me.
my turkey ham and cranberry jam sandwich.

kenvern's lasagne. man i miss the taste of cheese.

better got used to it, ah boy. lol.

*poke* owwww
*poke* whaaaatttt.

i'm sorry...
it was staring at me.
i had to have one. i just had to.

SOTD: chicken teriyaki.
it was not bad, didnt get any explosions in my mouth but i can say it was better than the seafood one. lol.

the people at newyork newyork and subway looked at us like we were mad. heh.

kenvern wanted one too. and jou wanted a cookie.

taking all of ken vern's olives.
lol at candid minghan.

jou wants to be gangster mangster
got a helix piercing, and i held her hand.
helix piercing's the one at the top cartilage, btw.

thanks for all the good times, bad times, favours, errands, etc etc hunneh. :D

a little not-so-surprise-anymore-present waiting for you right here at my place,
i think the white T suits you rather well, besides the ATM of course. heh.

my mom laughed when i showed her. and so did he.

21 guns,