Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Pn Shalini & Rahul! :D oh Happy Birthday Audrey G. (if you're reading this)

heh. wonder how many cakes/celebrations she had in school today.

and rahul, sorry la i don't have a picture of you. eheh.

so i was feeling quite hungry for meatballs yesteday,
initially wanted beefballs noodles but they were just too far away in kl.
so the jou, minghan and i went to ikea.

"why is it that you keep posting horrible pictures of me on your blog?!?!"

and jou. with her pretty new watch from esprit.

walked around curve to look the nikes..
i found one i liked. and a pair of levi's. and and.
yeah mommy i wanna go shopping purleeeze :D

jou go take pictures with the prety yellow flowers
no no i hate yellow you know i hate yellow
just go take pictures with the yellow flowers
no i dont want and you cant make me you cant take me you cant take me
*starts violently bouncing around
uhm jou, i already took the picture.
oh damn.

went to ou for a bit,
stopped by little cravings at the far end of the new wing.
same owner as nyonya colours, so the food there kicks as much ass. :D
thab thim grob.
don't know how this falls under nyonya food but i'm not complaining.


jou and her kuih lapis. PATHETIC!

do you know how fattening this is? -.-

i wanna shop i wanna shop i wanna shop i wanna shoppppppppppppppppp

i don't want you to go back :(

small surprises, evidently, are the biggest and best gifts around. :)

harrey pottah tonight :D