Thursday, July 9, 2009

life's been fruiful. :)

sorry for the one week absence,
life's been 7 parts busy, 2 parts lazy and 1 part sleepy.

so on friday,
i went to watch transformers with the ho siblings again.
i quote mingli, maybe with alittle less enthusiasm,
it was "effing" *pardon me* good.

had to get my ass up to school by 6.30 the mext morning for COH and step up step down ceremony. :(
picture credits to natasha, and whoever who handled her camera throughout the day.
the form 5s taught some first aid.

honnn kingggggggg :D

yarnay, pline, keyao and nat.

husband and the other wife.

and a very, very enthusiastic junior.

after en ismail arrived, we had our ceremony.
the old pLs, minus chingwen.

the old COH, minus serena.

and the new pLs, minus hansheng.

and the new COH minus their freedom.

haha i'm so funny i crack myself up -.-

aik and yoke.

ex-Qms. :)

pline, nat and i. heh.

pline and horng qing.

nat and keyao. lol keyao damn cute.

pline and keyao.

nah, one more of the two of you.

after the ceremony, we had our stepup stepdown tradition, that candle-water game.
xO whats with our faces dei.

lol, i think this pic is damn funny.

aiklynn, always ready for the camera.

passing on the fire to the 09/10.

pline and natasha.

natasha, keyao and yarnay.

miss penny's challenge,
we rock. tahahaha.

the f5s and pn shalini.

yea man. f5s 08/09 boleh.

had to rush to umai-ya for lunch with the family after,
sadly i didnt bring a camera and all the pictures're currently in my dad's iphone.
i hate waking up late and not knowing where i put my stuff. -.-

later that night,
went to old town white coffee at bu8 for aunty chooi kuan (minghan's mom)'s surprise birthday party.
forgetting my camera AGAIN, all the photos're from michelle's camera.
thanks yea :D

aunty chooikuan and uncle hok seng. heh.

aunty selvi and ariel.
sho kewtttttt i wannna nibble her cheeksss.

most of the people who came were people from church

and aunty chooi kuan's close friends and family.

moi, minghan, aunty sue, jiatee and mingli.

chip of the old block. ahha jordann!

the two birthday cakes from secret recipe.

a very elated aunty chooi kuan.

the family :D

and hey hey hey,
guess who's back, back again
*inside joke

so the day before she arrived,
mei and i went to munyi's house to make a so-called banner for her.

well, it wasnt much of a banner,
looks more like a star NIV project but whatever. heh.

arranged a dinner for her (and us) at mama's kitchen for sunday night.
mhmm. we all missed you many many, jou.
eh btw, what happened to the piccture we took that night ah? lol

josephine came too, haha was the first time seeing her since she got back.
sorry la babe, swine flu i paranoid. :P

had to sit at two seperate tables since there were too many of us.

there you go, another one. :P

i kinda missed the food there as well.
all the food was ordered by munyi, btw.
vege vege.

sweet and sour pork.

creamy butter sotong. slurps.

claypot lou she fun,
most of them gave the liver to me. kekeke.

forgot what this was called but i like. many many :)

fried rice, jou's fav?

some kinda tofu.

heh. animal jelly,
where elephants look like fish and chickens look like mutants.

kun.. and jou ah jouuuuu why you camera shyyyy ><

kvern and alynn.

meii. ^^.

headed back to munyi's place to play chubby bunny.
oh damn. go google it.
marshmallows. @@""""" no more. NO MORE. UWWWEEEKKK.

getting the plastic bags ready. ><

basically, all you have to do is keep stuffing your face with marshmallows.

and you can't swallow,

and you can't bite.

and believe me,

it ain't pretty. not. one. bit.

you'd start off merry, smiling and "oooohhh marshmallows".

you'd start to taste the nasty mixture of marshmallows and saliva in your mouth,
not to mention the growing ache in your slowly expanding oral cavity.

you keep adding, and when you can't take it anymore..

you'd start mking really gurgly noise and start foaming at your mouth like you've got rabies,
and you'd start motioning for a plastic bag, in which you'd spit out EVERYTHING.

so most of us had between 30-80 marshmallows in our mouths for that night.
i swear i could feel my braces brackets sliding off my teeth or something.

and the objective of this game, basically..

is to prove that you've got the biggest mouth.
right yoke? :P

yeah, we're that free.

i've been ditched for a beach -.-