Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i haven't had that much rice in a while.

usually, i'd wait till the end of the day before i post anything up,
but my brain is so damn fried from doing normal distribution (add maths and their bloody graphs) that i just need to do something that doesnt require any form of thinking whatsoever.

just a very short, random post, will be back for more later tonight :D

so after school today,
we went to sri paandi for lunch, had banana leaf rice. :D
mingyhannyhunneh and his ginger flavoured sirap bandung.

cs - selectively cameraphobic.

louis drove there. auto for the win? heh.

munyi, doing the whole sucking-the-fork-while-thinking thing.

and of course, lee ah jou. and her very pretty watch. :D

can you actually imagine how hard it is to really sit down and think about your own future? about what you wanna do, where you wanna go, whether it is right for you, etc etc? bmeh. so, so mentally draining. not to mention that my other half's having the same problems concerning all of that too.
it sucks.

on a lighter note,
we're going to frames tonight! :D