Monday, July 20, 2009

xi shua shua ooh ooh mwaaxx (hua yi chang ge bi sai)

long assemblys suck.
and guess what, our beloved headmistress is back from london,
after a week of self quarantine.

of course, 20th of july meant one thing:
finals for the chinese cub's annual singing competition.
went to the prefect's room to watch the bananas rehearse.

elisha and siewmun're fast learners. and ashvin just rocks.

so they told us that they would accept 200 people in the hall max,
so we kiasu and went to the hall right after the bell rang.
and we stoned there got a good hour or so.

derek and suzenneh.

louis and i.

jo and i.

cheryl and i.

debra darlie ad.

a lot of people there were multi-supporters.

cheered for practically everyone who performed.

just a few pictures of the people who performed..
the group ed was in.

emelyn! 2nd place for singles category i think.

yewyew's group.

jiamin and yenpeng.

emelyn's group. first for group category i think.

weiting's group.

but of course, the main reason why we went..
was to support the bananas!
aka, yoke, elisha, siewmun, ashvin and changvai.
if i'm not mistaken, they got 3rd place for the group category. :)

and streamyx is once again being a really pain up a place where the sun don't shine,
the rest of the videosi took'll be up soon.

heres the bananas for xi shua shua for you people out there.
watch it, it's well worth your 5 minutes.

videos to come:
mark's, aiklynn's, aik jean's.
sorry to the other contestants,
i was saving up my battery for the bananas and couldnt afford to record all.

i think ashvin's happy. :D

i miss being form 3.
life in form 5 just sucks.
and hey, rumour has it, it gets worse.

just great.