Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i heart sandwiches.

did you know..
that subway has this awesome sandwich of the day special, everyday?
i can't believe i didnt know about it till pauline asked me what sub did i have.

munyi bunyi tapauing her sandwiches.

and mark popped out of no where.
thanks you for temaning me and jou for lunch. heh.

jou, as usual, was late.

subway's sandwiches are the best. no kidding.
specially the one with parmesean oregano bread. :x
mark's spicy italian, i had that yesteday.

meatball mania :D

chocolate chip cookie. suzen's're better, hands down.

that's how i prefer eating my sandwiches.
"masam makan nasi.." says the dude that makes the sandwiches.

i shall create a tag for mark.

i heart jou and subway.

can't wait for next tuesday! :)

oh and i went to dk court after dinner for a short while,
the u-15s were having training.
and the ex u-18s+chiashoon were kpc-ing. :P

cheating and lying,