Saturday, July 11, 2009

i'm not a kitty-cat, i'm a sabre.

oh before anything, happy birthday jialinq!
hope that you have an awesome day ahead of you. :D
and i'm sure he's make it awesome x5 aye? x)

so over the past 2 weeks, quite a number of students were preparing for their SASA scholarship application.

pn catherine managed to convinced some that initially didnt wanna apply,
and that certain some managed to convince others that didnt wanna apply to do so as well.
so we've been busy busy busy,
with CVs, personal statements, certificate hunting and etc etc.

all we gotta do not is cross our fingers and pray that we get called in for the interview.
*crosses my underdeveloped pinkies*

went to popeyes for lunch yesterday.
hahaha. the 'bmeh' face he does so well.

and i like popeyes.
no kidding. everything there.
the only form of fast food willingly i eat besides carl's jr.

later that night,
like, late as in 10pm late,
jou, mei, minghan and i went to tropicana city.
ate at subway for the fun of it. heh.

turkey ham sandwich. with extra olives. yummay.

steak and cheese. mhmm.

ni gei wo na ge the qing xe de!!!
(you give me the green oneee (rm5 note)

watched ice age 3 at 11pm. O.o
possum: ooohhh.. what's that?
buck: shh.. the wind's talking to us.
possum: what's it saying?
buck: i dont know, i dont speak wind.

the movie kept minghan laughing the whole way through.
and damn he's loud. -.-

i think mei fed jou some crack or something..

and accidentally had some for herself.

they were both seriously damn high.

we went to jasema for a bit after that.
jou wanted to pour raspberry sauce on herself and dance on the table tops without her shirt on (?).
don't know what her little all-girl's school's teaching her there, but okay.

and while the three of them were laughing at each other (or at themselves)
i was just all O___o the whole time.
and gahaha see my pretty shirt it was ten bucks beat that bitchasss :P

SHADESSSS (at 1am).
and lol at meiyin + window shade.

it's gonna a long day tomorrow.

i dont get how some people can be such children and look at solutions to problems like how children do. and i don't get how some people, the people you least expect, to be doing exactly that.

i feel betrayed, somehow. idiotic, i know.
but then again. it's not my problem. not anymore.

don't you just hate it when shit you dont expect to happen, happens?