Friday, July 24, 2009

tuch mah borreh!

so yesterday was supposed to be report card day, and i didnt go to school.
temaned jou gymming and swimming at the surian.
would you believe me when i say that i got a weird tank-top tan line by just sitting there for 30 minutes? -.-

and the cleaner guy jou wanted to assasinate.
or complain to her dad about. same difference.

walked over to the curve to meet up with emelyn.
went to redbox for karaoke. ahaha.

room number 45. good memories ahha.

started with 4, ended up with 7. ahah.

we had to order a set, which were from 10++ to 16++.

spaghetti that had panmee toppings lol.

panmee. not bad la for a place like that.

some kinda rice thingy. i liked the mussels.

and teriyaki chicken.

so they started picking songs,
damn a lot of songs.

even the ones we never thought we'd ever wanna sing at any given time.
*cough, sexy naughty bitchy lollollol

actually, we were screaming more than singing.
backstreet boys, kelly clarkson, britney spears.. everything la.

but hey, i'm surprised we didnt sing any spice girls. heh.

sorry you couldnt sing your sexyback, emelyn.

fulamak natasha.

you know these two,
they don't need a frickin mike.
they were so damn loud.

'and i was crying on the staircase, begging you please don't gooooo...'

some of the never songs didnt have lyrics though. potong ><

zu dancing to sexy naughty bitchy by tata young.
yup, we karaoked to tata young.

there you go mei, new dp for you.

emelyn was the bomb. i'm not kidding.

aiklynn, who sang every song that came on. even the ones she didnt know.

natasha.. you know, everytime "wont go home without you" by maroon 5 comes on, i think of you and camporee.
and how you only knew one line, "it's not over tonightttt".

it took about 7 shots to get a nicer shot of the two of us. lol sorry zu.

damn, my angles never sucked this bad.

and of course, the VIJou.

karaoke's a hell lot funner than i thought it would be.
and a whole lot more affordable!
came up to about 15 bucks per person. :)

that night,
we went for steamboat at damansara village (opposite shell at dJ) for dinner.
sorry for keeping you guys waiting! :(
look at keamsunn's hungry face. looked like he was gonna eat peckhwa or something.

"eeehhh! it's the first time you took a picture with me!"

and peckie, this is husband number what ah? ;)

the only other SKDU-ians there with me.

so yeah the steamboat was good.
i've resurrected my liking for yee mee after last night. :P

VIJou and lou hang guo (remember that okay ashvin)

oh and mei concluded that kun's opened mouth smile actually works for him.
kun's fake smile.

and kun's smile.
and pauline's uhm orgasmic face? O.o

aiklynn was mocking someone i think.

i can practically see the sweat dripping off pauline's shirt.
no kidding, it was damn hot yesterday.

their table's soup was nicer. more.. herbal-ish.

horng qing's mr malaysia smile.

shit sorry, it's blur ><

nah aiklynn, another picture of you and him.

zu, the shirt jou abuses given by zu, and mei.

we merged into one table after that and started playing a game called "I have never..".
it's a lot more fun than chubby bunny. seriously.
i found out so much about my friends that night.

and they found out a lot about me too. HAHAHA.

no hard feelings if you guys got zha-ed that night..
all just for good fun. :)

basically, everyone had a bowl of the steamboat soup in front of them, with the ginger chilli added to it.
each person has to say something, like,
"i never played basketball before",
and the people who HAVE played basketball would be the ones drinking one spoonful of that soup.
it's supposed to be a drinking game but we're good kids. :)

so we asked a whole lotta personal and LOL-able questions. ;)

and.. the ride home was.. lol.
kun's no-power-streeing avanza, yoke's L-kancil, and natasha's cockroach.

kudos to pauline. it was a good dinner yo. :)


one day left..