Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it's almost a month into the mega sale and i've only shopped yesterday.

be proud of me, people of the world. :D

went to ikano/curve with my mom after dinner cause i was in dire need of stationary.
(which reminds me, suzen you need to go to jasima!)
bought a couple of books/magazines cause i'm quite bored of the books in my house.
lol when i saw the lipstick jungle book, first person i thought of was mei.
and i wanna read dr M's book for the fun of it.

basic needs for any school-going student:

and you know what else i got?
yay for me.
they didnt have any dragonfly cartoons, so i got the snoopy one cause it reminds me of my dad cause joo thinks my dad looks like snoopy. (it's a compliment k daddy lol)

on the side note,
to the people who pay attention to my 'planner @ may-niac' column as the side,
i'm going for adidas shah alam king of the road run.
the crazy marathon people, avey, yinghan, adel, and peckie
and the people who've only been for terry fox (which hardly counts), pauline and mei.
it's frigging 8 km and i doubt i'd be able to finish it in an hour.

and i didnt have a pair of running shoes (yeah my previous ones were too small, totally worn out, or got stolen in school -.-)
so i had to get new ones.
mhmm. nike's the way!

and a few other stuff i got as well..

heh. :D

and yes, i will be wearing my normal (albeit nike) running attire for the adidas road run.

thank you mommy mwaxmwax xoxo i will study hardddd i promiseee :D

currently rereading,
harry potter and the deathly hallows.
i forgot how much i loved reading the books.

eat my dust and kiss my airs. :D