Thursday, July 23, 2009

i still think i'm allergic to cheese.

the 7-di-belakang was supposed to go for dinner yesterday at frames,
but minn and ashvin couldnt make it.. =/ ttdi plaza.
the dragonfly picture i wanted's still there! haha.

constipated ketchup bottle.

yin squared.

food food food. :D
calamari rings.

balsamic chicken salad.

mushroom parmigiano which tasted like melted blue cheese.

beef cheeseburger. damn kickass.

classic spaghetti carbonara.

pasta diablo.

nasi ayam percik
(three guesses who ordered this)

mmm.. munyi, don't hug them small bolsters like that anymore k?

cheerleader smile. lol.

i was quite full after that. ><

left the place and stoned along jalan wan kadir (ahah mr yu!) for a while.

decided to go to cake sense after that for dessert.
some mango cake thing. mhmm it was good.

raspblueberry cake, the same one as my bday's.

and some chocolate cake. yucks. ><

munyi, cheryl and jou.

maymei. :D

went to stone at kfc cause cake sense was closing.
i've got about 20 pictures of munyi "trying" to take a good picture of herself -.-

and the photographer.

throughout the night, we camwhored quite a fair bit.
at cake sense.

mei's a pro camwhore. haha.

ishh munyi kacau.

jou and cheryl. haha the people i used to sit next to in class.

mei, your eye's seriously damn scary la.

cheryl just watched harry potterr. lol.
dont be late anymore haaaa.

mei in her ong lai paul frank shirt.
i want a paul frank shirt :(

munyi bunyi, who constantly gets bullied by the others.
there, there. *pats back

jou. and her rm60 perlini's silver necklace with the black string.

it was a good night. besides the minor.. misunderstanding that was left hanging. sigh.

i just had my forth driving lesson about an hour ago,
and i will never make fun of the way my mom parks her car ever again.
believe me, if people tell you that you're gonna be a mad driver,
dont listen to them.

will be back with a karaoke and steamboat update!

oh and btw,
here're the videos.
youtube was pmsing on me and suzen was kind enough to upload the rest for me. :D

aik jean.

aik lynn.

and mark, who got first place.

i'm a very proud best-friend-of-the-girlfriend. :D
*refer to suzen's blog

vroom vroom,