Thursday, July 30, 2009

it was a lazy day.

my feeble attempts to do any form of last minute training for this sunday's run is futile.
i can't make it through bukit kiara without whining 3/4 way through,
so mei and avey (assuming you guys actually WOULD stick with me throughout the run) do get ready for a very sleepy, annoyed/annoying me during the jog.

my ass is aching. it's not funny. i can't even sit down without feeling the pinch.

took aunty yoke kheng out for lunch earlier today.

went to the ss20 fish head noodle place, behind smkdu.
(suzen, we are still going next wednesday yes?)
i miss buying mata kuching from the lady at pasar malam.

yummy yummy.
i still prefer the one off jalan kuchai lama, but this is the best/closest i've got.

and minghan's chendol. lol.

as jou would call him, minghay.

currently reading, blogging to unblock by dr. M.
hey, it aint bad so far.
just a little snippet.
page 148.

monday, july 14, 2008.

1. I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday Greetings on my 83rd Birthday. It is very heartwarming that so many know about my real birthday and remember to send greetings.

2. My official birthday is 20th December 1925. My father registered that date for all his sons so that there would be no hassles when registering for entry into schools. He was a teacher and knew all about the difficulties.

3. So please do forget my official birthday i.e. December 20. My real birthday make me five months older.

hey, for a man who's 84 years old,
he's still got some bit of humour in there, twisted as it might be.

and yes, i am one of the few-million-readers-a-week of his blog.
guess you can call me a fan.

no secrets,