Sunday, July 12, 2009

oink oink.

my dad's childhood friend came down from america recently, and usually when that happens, they have a small gathering/reunion dinner kinda thing.
went to elcerdo to eat. and elcerdo is famous for one thing, hence the title of the post.

happy happy reuited people.

so we had to wait between courses for quite a bit, but the food was well worth the wait.
tomato soup.

spanish ham platter.

pig cheek with blonde asparagus.

sausage platter.

and the main attraction for the day..
cochinilla al estilo segoviano. roasted piglet.

and at elcerdo, it's tradition for the customers to cut up the pig with a plate.
the guest of honour, uncle banpoh who didnt cut it in the end.

i did. :P

so i had to band the plate on the table 3 times before chopping up the poor thing.

then i had to make a wish and break the plate, as a symbol of good luck.
emily broke the other plate too,
but how she broke it till it came out of the tong, i have no idea.
see the white piece on her skirt?

yup. they put a mortar in there to make it easier.

so the whole night, we could hear plates breaking everywhere. heh.

it was quite good, though a little too much fat for my liking.

paella con mariscos a li carol. seafood spanish rice.

and heck. i loved it. i actually liked something thats rice. mhmm.

we ordered our own desserts after that.
sue's Andreas special, " a dream in chocolate".

and my rum and raisin pancake, which was shared with the others.

didnt get to take a picture of the other desserts though. heh.

so this is emily. she's 8 and i bet you anything she'll be a techie when she grows up.

the other end of the table, in my dad's POV.

aunty ying, uncle chuan lock and uncle patrick.

me, aunty sue and moozie.

mhmm. 16 of us in total, i think.

35 years down the road and they still keep in touch.
kudos to them.

thanks for dinner, uncle chuan lock!

don't tell me you agree with me
when i saw you kicking dirt in my eye
but, if you're thinkin about my baby
it don't matter if you're black or white.