Sunday, July 12, 2009

i need to stop stuffing my face

since a few of them couldnt make it for umai-ya earlier today,
it was just suzen, minghan and i.

picked suzen up after church,
minghan thinks skylar is the cutest thing in the world.

umai-ya uptown, mhmm.

most of the time, we were entertained by the "just for laughs" programme on the screen.
idiot canadians/americans playing tricks on pedestrians and stuff like that.
really kept the people in the tatami seat area laughing like mad the whole time.

fear not the amount of food put in front of you.. ><
we ordered nearly 2 portions of everything.. including the maki.
sweet potatoes all that rice. @@""

sashimi.. lots and lots of sashimi.

tobiko sushi.

california handroll,

which minghan thought tasted like plastic.

chuka idako.


kaki tofu.

cha soba.

dragon maki.

soft shell crab maki and salmon mayo maki.

suzen tried playing chubby bunny with the maki. one piece.
"lhulbbo bnommo"

shishamo, pregnant fish.

tempura tempura.

unagi tempura.

green tea ice cream, iLike.

this is wasabe ice cream.
it. is. disgusting.

i had that expression the whole time i was eating it.

i tried putting some coke in and drinking it with the straw

i couldnt finish even half the bowl.

but we're rather greedy people. heh.
nothing compred to munyi at rakuzen a almost a year ago though..
what, you had 14 scoops on your own right? :P

minghan has developed this fear of me feeding him anything.
the first time i tried, i nearly shoved a spoon down his throat.

and suzen just kept laughing, and laughing and laughing

at the photos she took and the photos she had.

its so easy to make her happy. heehee.

yup, that's you, limjianmin. :P

it was a good lunch. mhmm :)
suzenneyhunnehhh :D

mingyhannyhunneh? :P

oh and btw,
umai-ya's buffet is from 1130pm - 3pm on weekends.
Rm 48++ per pax, or RM55.20 to be exact.
and make sure you call to book, they're always packed.

it's quite cool how they punch in everything we eat though.

stupid boy :)

and, just for laughs..
heh. youtube it.