Tuesday, July 21, 2009

with every step, you climb another mountain :D

spent most of after recess in the APD room, supposedly practicing for our surprise performace for our PRS farewell lunch.

camwhored a bit.
aiklynn and emelyn. class mates for what, 9 years?

aiklynn and i. :D

emelyn and i.

yarnay and i.
damn long since i took a picture with you hor?

after school,
we had to walk in the rain to out lunch,
but thank God they prepared umbrellas for us. :)

this is our security guy, carry my mini handbag containing my speakers.

the lunch was at d'tandoor, uptown.

i had a name plate. :D

pn catherine giving her speech.

yeah, we conquered the whole restaurant. except for 3 tables.

the meal was buffet style. woohoo.
form 5s got to get their food first, and the form 4s and form 3s served us some soup :D.

the food was generally quite good, i'd definitely go back soon.
oh and amir, of you're reading this, help me correct if i get the food names wrong.

daniel and i liked it a lot, specially with the fish curry thingy.

samosa and some fried vege thing.

vegetables and dhaal.

some kinda kickass fish and alu ghobi

egg marsala and chicken.

mhmm. had 3 rounds, and i was stuffed. no kidding.

daniel rosh is the bomb.

kinhoe tried to balance him food on his head.

form 4 and form 3's turn. :D

and the people who were there, according to tables. :D
nabilah, karmen, maggie, zhushaun.

zawiah, qizhan, sarah, aiman (?).

syafiqah, pn catherine, sharifah, gerald

shahreen, kienbeng, barnette, jenwei.

sabreena, eric, zu, yijean, jonathan, kiren, xinxiang, kinhoe

zikrie, bob, william, yarnay, zhushen, aiklynn, jonathan, dominic, emelyn and dylan.

and my table.
daniel, me, soOn, vivek, banjoo and phebe.

had a performance for each form..
form 4s performed a sketch.

form 4s of 09. :D

the form 3s performed the ultraman dance.

crotch grabbbb!

and the form 5s sang no boundaries - kris allen version. lol.

sniff. our only picture together-ever.

eric and i. haha.

zu, kiren, aiklynn, jenwei, sabreena and i. :D

the new acting vp. :D

oh and btw, we announced the new acting board too.
president: yi jean
vice president: kien beng
secretary: sarah
asst. seccretary: siti zawiah
treasurer: jonathan lim
asst. treasurer: ee choong
form 5 representative: karmen

congrats guysss.
and remember, it's only temporary, unless the future votes say otherwise. ;)

pn catherine. man. i'm gonna miss when i leave.

thank you, guys :)

so yup, thats our prs farewell.

currently sipping on some hot chocolate and dreamtime tea.
some of the treats jie brought back from london.
thanks btw, jie! :D

jou and mei're enjoying it too.
was supposed to watch hannah montana but jouyin blur.
ended up watching he's just not that into you. mhmm.

okay nevermind we ended up watching the chinese singing competition videos cause it was just too damn confusing.

the bananas are still the bomb.

apparently, teachers're checking out our blogs now.

larry king on jimmy kimmel,