Tuesday, November 11, 2008

and guess what, i'm having more fun :D

if you're reading this, you shouldn't, go study.
haha spm-ers sounds like spammers. LOL.
syiok sendiri-ing, sorray, i'm highh.

went to school yesterday morning to check out the stuff for camp.
munyi, cheryl and i helped the interacts help pn wong move the chairs and tables....

...from the hall to the ppsmi room.

tied munyi up and left her in the middle of the hall.
hmm maybe i'll post up the video one of these days..

went to ou with jou after that and met up with mei, munyi and cheryl.

hmm, craving for takoyaki now.

ham and cheese!

cheryl had the unagi one.

her grape bubble tea tasted funnay.

bought it from la boheme cause it looked kinda cool.
just some kinda mushroom puff.

sorry for boring you guys out :P

went walking around ou to help cheryl look for something to buy,
yeah basically all we did was walk and walk and walk.
helped jou scout for some cheap sweaters too :D
*psst, zara has damn a lot, but at a slightly higher price.

went to waffle world after that.



banana raisin pancakes kicks ass okay :D

mei was damn stoned though.

cheryl and her new birthday present.
it's the thing she's sleeping on.


went to white sand to have a look at the t shirts
guess what cheryl did (=.=")
you're gonna get us arrested one day la wei.

no, i'm not kidding.

the josephine.
meet yvonne (jou and mei's inside joke)

wonder what mei's dad thinks of us now.

yvonne does lala so well.


went for mod maths tuition after that,
stayed over at mei's with munyi and cheryl for the night.

this is what greeted me at the door.

don't worry, it's just a pen.

they didnt let me blog >:(

watched jackass the movie.
i'll never look at cones (the ones on the road) the same way ever again.
alligators too.
probably will die laughing.

had to wake up at 7 the next morning for training.

yvonne came too.

we look like we were flying.

nais 1 lahh :)


invisible archery.

photocredits to lisayeohnumyibobumyi.

went out for lunch with aunty margaret at canton-i.
joo, i totally agree with your dad, the food here rocks!

dragonflies? :)

ohhh liiihhhh weennnnn... =P
their egg tarts were by far the best i've ever eaten.

aunty m's dumpling noodles.
heh. sui kau? :P

pork trotter noodles.
this kicks ass :D

tau fu fa with sea coconut. i likeee.

aunty m :)

walked all around ou, didnt buy anything except for more hangers!
no ping, i'm not kidding :D

went to nyonya colours for tea.


mak chuk.

in case you people actually DO wonder..

yes, i do eat my vegetables.

It's a thief in the night to come and grab you,
It can creep up inside you and consume you..

you're homeeee :D,