Thursday, November 27, 2008

your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash.

went to cineleisure with minghan today.
wanted to watch bolt but the only show they had was at 9pm.
get the 4.45pm tickets for twilight.

i was craving for mcshaker fries, dropped by mcds for a while.
have you ever noticed how many mcds there are in that area?

scared the hell outta me when he whacked it and the cymbals just banged outta no where.

wanted to kill more time, went to midori to try something new.

emo ice cream, anyone?

i swear to god, their menu had the weirdest names for food.
most of em sounded like kinky japanese words.
so much for eating in a place with a name that sounds like a friend of hello kitty's.

didnt eat in the end cause we were late for the movie.
twilight was, as expected, a huge disappointment.
more stoned than juno, i'm serious.

it was supposed to be some kinda romantic love story,
but it turned out to be some kinda partially stoned comedy.

during the movie,
when they first showed edward cullen walking in and the girls started squealing,
"wth. ewww whats wrong with them. he's not hot AT ALL."
and some random guy next to me turned to me and said,
mhmm. probably the highlight of my movie for me.

oh and the screen suddenly blanked out for a while
and they started playing solja boy while the screen was blank.
technical problem i think =.=

edward cullen in this movie reminds me so much of jonathan chen.
u know. the weirdo in my class. victor agrees with me too.

remember this from the book?
so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
what a stupid little lamb.
what a sick, masochistic lion.
u know that part? the whole damn cinema laughed when they said it.
wasnt it supposed to be some kinda "awwwwww my heart just melted" part!?

wow. i've never complained so much about a movie in my entire life.
never even written this much in any of my posts either. heh.

went to ms. read's at ou for dinner.

minghan's bolognese spaghetti, which was really kick ass.

my spicy zucchini spaghetti,
which wasnt very spicy and i forgot that the other name for brinjal was aubergine.

had a good looooooooong talk, sat there for nearly 2 hours!

thanks minghan, i had fun :)

---earlier today---

eh jo.. remember your friends?

i dunno whether to laugh to to stone at this.
and the red shirts the same as the glasses one in the vengaboys.

okay. time to do chores.

across the deep blue oceann,