Wednesday, November 5, 2008

field trip?

pn chang arranged for a trip to KDU college for the kempas-ians and a couple of form 3s.

we got free breakfast there. like, anything we wanted O.o

would you believe that those two're only RM4.50 each?
(but we ate for free la, of course.)

cooked by kdu's very own culinary arts students.

like peir hung? :D

eavesdroppers go to hell =P

mr ronald, kdu's counsellor, showed us around the place.
went to the hall (where they had euphoria) for the main purpose of the day,
moot court or some kinda mock court case thingy. i dunno.

rahul, chern sern, and nicholas volunteered to be the jury.

got my hair cut after school too,
with jou and pauline at natasha's mom's shop at section 17.

we really really really liked the setting and the ambience of the place.



and after.
"omg.. so soft!"




wait for it :)

and me :)


not much difference, just a lot shorter and neater but i love it :)

and trust me, it's totally worth it.
there's no way anyone can tell me that i'm wasting my money cutting my hair at such a reasonable price :)

ashvin's back is getting better :)

"may, where are you going this weekend?"
"no where, why?"
"we might be going back to penang okay."
"oh. okay. for what?"
"we need to drive the tv to penang."

my mommy's funny.