Sunday, November 23, 2008

it will heal.

slept at around 5am and woke up at 8am.
thank god i wasnt sleepy or tired today.

went to RSC for breakfast/brunch with my parents.

club salad.

cantonese fried.
honestly, not bad, even after last night's!

curry mee.

horng qing needed help marinating his chicken and lamb for his party tomorrow,
so i asked jou, mei, munyi and cheryl to help.

jou and munyi came earlier.

munyi and mortar.

70 wings. no joke man.

after salting and ginger/garlic-ing the stuff, they got hungry.

cooked maggi mee on my kononnya "old skool" stove.

they shared 2 packets among themselves.
i'm not really a maggi person.

she likes it the way i do too; not very cooked :D

as usual, she didnt eat much.

munyi brought a bit of cake too.

mei and cheryl joined us a bit later.
finished watching forgetting sarah marshall.

cheryl was so hungry she started raiding my fridge
tried to eat some kinda soft squishy thing that might've been there for a few months.

daddy took us to 6 to 10 at section 17 for dinner.

last time i went there, it was for breakfast and the western wasnt available yet ><

munyi and jou. with their yeemai.

you could so tell that she was saying "cincau" right :D

mei.. and my snow white and the 7 dwarves t shirt :D

i. LOVE. the food there.

my "special" chicken chop.

jou and mommy's lamb chop.

daddy's sirloin steak.

aunty lay gaik's chicken chop with black pepper sauce.

mei's chicken chop with brown sauce.

cheryl's grilled fish with lemon butter sauce.

munyi's pork chop with pineapple sauce.

she hates peas. really.

aunty lay gaik, who insisted on using an umbrella even if it was a minor drizzle.

mommy was showing off her manicure.

mwaxmwax for taking us there :D

we went to best, ou to help my mom pick out a new microwave.

was quite fascinated by all the appliances i never knew existed,
but munyi seems to have all of them -.-

i cant stand the igallop or anything that has it's function.

but heck, watching munyi on it was very entertaining.

i forgot how parents liked to dress their kids alike.

i think munyi can be one of those hypertune dunno what what model-for-adverts person.

and cheryl as one of those plastic surgery ads.
you know..


and after.

my mother was laughing at them when they were taking these.

went to cold storage to get stuff for my future breakfasts and went home.
oh and we bought the marinade sauces too.

uhm. do i have to. touch. these?

so we got to work, them with the wings and me with the lamb.



and stabbing the wings.

and mei..

took pictures. :D

cheryl was OCD-ing on the wings.

yeah munyi wurk it use your mah-saahhhccchh handsss.

jedi of the day.
jedi is the teacher person right?

horng qing.. u better bring us something good from spain or i'll bleach your blazer.

oh my god,
i think i just died.

now i can have takoyaki at both ends of ou.

munyi oh munyi.