Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my momma always said...

there's nothing like staying home,
enjoying some jco,
a cup of holicks
and a good movie.
..or two.

...maybe four.


while cheryl and munyi were busy baking at cheryl's crib,
i asked jou to come over and teach me how to make some decent pancakes
since my overly-depended-on chantum would be leaving for a month or so.

walked to the grocery store behind my house to get the stuff.

the nub and the pro.

the nub:

with the mixer bowl
which jou claims was on oprah's favourite things
but it's been in my cupboard for a good quarter of a century.

omg wth is that?!
er.. it's just egg white.

okay, i admit.
i am not good at this.


the pro.

who still insists that they were on oprah's favourite things.

and didnt make burnt pancakes.
well not much, anyway.

started eating after cleaing up.

samosa daging, lekor, and lekor nipis.

and our pancakes, which tastes better than in looks.
the brown ones at the bottom are chocolate flavoured, not burnt, btw.

mwaxmwax, thanks for teaching me :D

and she eats pancakes the same way i do too:
lots of spread, rolled up like a popiah :D

watched four movies today:

i finally watched forrest gump.
stoner movie. but a good stoner movie nontheless.

and watched the 3 ocean's too.

gotta agree with jou,
after looking at all the movie posters,
george clooney does kinda look like daddy yeoh.
you know. munyi's dad.

the rash isnt going away -.-,