Thursday, November 13, 2008

the name's so sexy you gotta say it twice.

went out with the 7 di belakang minus cheryl, neeraj and mark.

neeraj, who resembles a big time druggie, came after me.

and mark needs to get new shoes.

would you believe me when i say she doesnt know where delicious is?

ashbin and her valloon.

kiki and lola. oh and not forgetting munyi.

yinyin. :D

and grumps.

went to watch madagascar 2 at 1.15.

grit, spit, and a whole lotta ducktape.
people who wrote the scripts're brilliant, i tell you.

i suppose taking pictures in the cinema after the movie's over is legal, right?

passed by home treasures.
i present you,

neeraj as alex the lion
munyi and melman the giraffe
and ashvin as those one of them posh monkeys.

she's got this thriller thing going on.

uuummm.. calm down neeraj.

yeah uh huh wuuuuuuuuuuurk it munyaaaiiiiii.

headed over to dave's for a late lunch.

mark's spaghetti carbonara with smoked sausage and mushroom

jou and mei's, the same only in fettucini.

sieu minn's fettucini carbonara with bacon.

my extra virgin oil spiralli with truffle oil and mushrooms.

ashvin's fettucini carbonara with mushrooms.

neeraj's spaghetti in thai green curry sauce.
finally, something different.

i think they got into a fight again.

neeraj and mark.

mei and jou.

ashvin and i.

munyi and sieu minn with kiki and lola.

i like bugging waitresses.

takoyaki. i just can't get enough.

went to mcd's for some dessert.

she claims that all mcflurrys must be oreo-ed.

strawberry twist.
"haha.. meiyin you sure you can finish it ar?"

"are you kidding me. u know who you're talking to anot."

his 2nd outing with all girls.
(neeraj doesnt count cause he went home early for trigo tuition)

and ah jouu.

i have weird eating habits.

SORRYLA. i like it okay.
mcshaker fries + milo mcflurry.

we like to shake it shake it.

my house has so many blind corners.
came home last night and didnt even notice this sitting in my tv area.

daddy's new toy.

i should start packing right?