Friday, November 21, 2008

shit happens. gotta learn to live with it :D

went to ss3 again yesterday afternoon.

i bet jou didnt like their jerseys one bit.

girls DU vs. SU, lost 10-23.
it's okay guys, you guy're in the semifinals already anyway. :D

aik lynn needed to borrow my camera to take pictures for her log book..

idiots la these two.

siewmun's expression damn LOL-able.

lol aik lynn.

honestly the most jakun batch i've seen in a long time.

the coach.
scary mary.

in the meantime, the guys were pretty stressed about their next game.

unknown, zhushen and yoke.

guy's DU vs. Chong Hwa.

no worries, they won.
45-25 :)

i enjoyed my 4 ringgit worth of poppadams and fried chicken throughout :D

sequel to The Ant Bully.

oh btw, yoke has a good luck charm.
guess what it is.
pssttt paulineeee.

har har yoke.

started pouring and we had a pretty good time sliding around the court.
camera was hijacked.

i see also i scared.

suzen's dad came to pick us up from the court,

and the car ornament thing was damn cute.
it's a sushi :D

mei and may :D

wanted to go to mama's but it was closed.
went to devi's instead.

i've made friends with the manager there,
and he makes sure i get plentiful of poppadoms whenever i pay him a visit :D

all vege for me that night :D

jou liked the ayam madu.

cheeeeryl and cheeeeese naan :D

mei and her tosai and chicken.

stoned at devi's for a good hour or so
went back to mei's house after that.

mei took out her old taekwondo uniform for kicks.

and munyi...


is just plain retarded :)

did i ever mention..

that i have a mutated pinky/small finger? :P

i've had ENOUGH.