Friday, November 28, 2008

you areeeee my fireeee, my one deesiiiireeeee.

went to the oval at RSC for dinner last night with my parents and their friends.

apparently i wasnt supposed to be in there cause i was underaged but my parents took me in anyway.

didnt really have a proper dinner but oh well.

fried chicken drummets.

some kinda salami pizza with chilli and onions.

pepperoni pizza.

liquor is evil.

their singleton whiskey.

they had beer too.. carlsberg, tiger, and corona.

and my margarita. :)
my parents were present. dont judge me.

mommy, daddy, dominic, dr jack.

venetia, cynthia, fiona, and kh.

dr edward, dr jack, dr hong bin.. and ben.

jou's staying over tonight,
will be going to penang with my parents and jou tomorrow,
meeting up with munyi, mei and cheryl. :)

here comes the foooood,