Thursday, November 20, 2008

supposedly, the last day of jam. =.=

it was so boring yesterday i could've cried.
after cambridge, went to devi's with mei and munyi for dinner.

oh btw, i've changed their tags. and added a few. *pst cheryl.

ayam madu just ain't my thing. chicken was meant to be savoury, not sweet -.-

munyi's RM 2.30 dinner.

and mei's grandmother already helped us stuff her with food,
so she just had a drink.

oh my.

munyi and i were still quite hungry so we walked over to mama's.
no claypot lou shee fun this time tho.

munyi insisted on having vegetables.

so we had potato shoots or something like that.

creamy butter sotong still kicks ass. :D

and steamed egg.
my daddy would be so proud of me.


munyi concluded (6 months late) that she has terrible table manners, if any at all.
uh huh, wuuuuuuurk it :D

steamed egg through a straw.

was playing around with my camera settings,
i still have no clue where to set the damned anti-shake -.-

THIS is what mei calls an emo face.
looks pretty gangster to me lol.

went to munyi's house after that and watched forgetting sarah marshall.

watched it halfway but so far,
not bad wei seriously.
quite funny, i like it. :)

thank you people out there who voted!

currently standing at 3rd place :)
keep on voting,
we've got till the 5th of dec.

oh and given the chance, which would you choose?

samsung omnia?
apple iphone?
nokia 5800?

click here to compare.

oh and comments please,
in need of some help here. :)

no sparks, pauline. honestly.