Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the beginning of the ending.

we have 2 more days in school as form fours O.o
i told you i wouldnt feel any difference when it's over. -.-

went out with natasha and joo just now for lunch.
went to daves, after a looooong time.


and retainers.

i think natasha's shirt really suits her.
ALWAYS late, but worth the wait.
(all the scouts and her friends should know :P)

and as predicted, joo loved the carbonara :)

ordered only 2 plates for 3 people.
(pathetic! suzen and i ate 3 bowls before =P)

passed by baskin robbins and i suddenly wanted some ice cream :)

lol joo.

strawberry cheesecake!

joo, and her jamoca almond fudge.

hey zu, remember him :)
they both thought he was cute,
and were shocked to find out that he's only form 3.


joo and her hot topshop guys.

natasha wanted to have a look at some magazines.

i think the bag suits her :)

and joo was damn bored of the two of us halfway x)

and joo found another target ;)
good luck with that one honay.

i dunno what this was, but it really kicks ass.

we still owe each other 2 lunches x)

going for ball soon :)