Monday, November 3, 2008

non-halal, sorrryy =x

watched my sassy girl with jou and mei yesterday.


walked to the back to get something to eat for tea.

jou, you've gotta stop giving me that face.

went home and they started spamming my camera after eating maggi cup.

you guys suck :P

went for dinner with my dad's friends later that night at hong bee bkt, jalan ipoh.

woo. bak kut teh at last. didnt have much though.

the best part of any bak kut teh.

uh.. yau mak vege.

some other random vegetable.

claypot chicken feet.

pork trotters.

lil bit of claypot bak kut teh.

some kinda pepper soup. i likeeee :D

spare ribs, which kicked ass :)


hon bin and ben.

venetia and dominic.

moozie and.. didnt catch her name, sorry =/

never knew that adults knew so much about blogs and nuffnang and stuff.

hon bin's camera shy, don't mind him.

one. day. left.