Monday, November 17, 2008

ken leeeeeee, tulibu dibu douchooo....

something mei and ruiz asked me to search on youtube.

went to watch the girl's DU vs. USJ4 match at ss3 this afternoon.
i really really really liked the jersey this time :)

they won, 18 - 5 :)

was craving for the awesome yong tau foo which was just down the road,
so we decided to walk there after the match.

interesting road sign.

the stall was closed ><
never mind, still got thursday.

went to syed bistro, which was right next to the court.

jo, pei yeen and joee.

natalie, aiklynn and esther.

whats with the mini flag man.

i liked the fried chicken, suzen said it was too salty though.
well my taste buds are kinda whack..

it was damn goood :)
i didnt finish it and asked to tapau but i forgot to take it from him lol.

aiklynn had tomyum too.

suzen and her fried chicken.

natalieeeeeeee. she's so cute.
i want one :P


suzen and siew mun shared a roti tisu.

went back to the court to watch the guy's DU vs. catholic high match.

i like watching guys play. everything happens so.. fast.
they won, 42 - 29.

stayed on and played for fun with the girls and a few guys.
that was fun :)
the balls of my feet and blistered though, i played barefoot =.=

after mrs tan's tuition,
went over to cheryl's for a lil birthday celebration for her.

she thought the bag was a top. O.o


she did it punjabi style.

mei liked the yellow wall in cheryl's dining area.

there's a lot more from where that came from.. x)

mwaxie mwaxie cheryl,
the one who shoots accurate 3 pointers
(on her very frequent lucky days)

the one who eats and eats and eats and never grows fat
the bimboooo :)
have a good one.

oh yeah,

which is which? ;)

just like sisters.

don't back out on me now,