Tuesday, November 25, 2008

into the night.

it's 3 am and i dont feel the least bit tired. weird.

yesterday was rather eventful.
cheryl, mei and munyi came over at about 3.
i was hungry so we walked to the shops behind my house to look for something to eat.


went to jasema cause cheryl was craving for her cheese naan.


i look so advertisment-ish.

mei's fried chicken

mei's tosai.

cheryl's cheese naan which kicks ass.

munyi's roti pisang
HAH jou im not aloneee.

i had chapati but i forgot to take a picture of it. O.o

walked over to jou's place to disturb her for the fun of it.

lol why do i have so many pictures of mei carrying cheryl?

yeah so to piss jou off, they started playing with her camera and eating her dog's chocolates.

went back to my place to wait for munyi's dad and horng qing's driver to take us to horng qing's place for his party.

we got there early, not many people were there yet.

people at the BBQ pit.

and more.

stoned around for a while.

munyi ah munyi.
*shakes head

according to them, horng qing's ring was nicer to shoot into (?).

jou and cheryl's bling.
which was supposed to be gold but turned vintage-y.

munyi sounded like she was going through torture.
eyeliner. reminds me of form one, right aik lynn? :P

the outcome: a very naturally eMo muNyi.

this is a damn good picture tho.
sorry la, lazy to black and white the pic for you :P

this is what you call wannabe :D

horng qing's maid who helped out with marinating the food.

ashbinnnn. and my postboy hat :D

cheryl and suzen's magnifying-glass-perfume.

i got bored and, like so many parties before this, started directing traffic.

suzen's scarf served as an indicator :D

i look like a terrorist.
a very hot one, no? :D

my darling yarnay, who took off her braces recently!
one more year, one more year...

good candid :P

jou and suzen have one thing in common that i know of.

take a wild guess what.

a few of the guys.

my bad, dirty camera lenses.


some mushroom tofu thing which ashvin ks-ed.


fried rice.

fried meehoon.

moneybags ahaha.

kick-ass butter prawns.


some fishcake crabstick thingy.

curry chicken.

sweet and sour fillet fish?

kuih-muih yang berjenis-jenis..

sausages and balls. :D

my honey mustarded laaaamb

and hickory-ed wings.

guess who was manning the grill. again. :P

horng qing had a super old school bbq pit.
like some kinda barrell on a stand.

lol suzen?

there was so much foooood.

the scouts came later a bit cause they were in templars.

shahreen and her cake. with the boss.

steph :)

elisha. :D

at the grilll..

they worked hard okay,
thank them for the great barbecued food :)

munyi looks like one of those witches and those potions in a caldron.

mwaxmwax munyi :D

i wonder, why are we so. clique-y?



more jati-ans.. and hanxern's dad?

i like horng qing's mom :D

lol zen i was lazy to edit so i just cropped it :P

haha suzen's another who jakuns with me, and would take pictures too :D

photocredits: kun :)

this is so random.

whats with the white spot in the middle -.-

scouts. and kun. :P

wenwen and peckieeee.

i think the two of them alone ate half of the food hq had.

yoke be pimpin' yo.


and kauline.
reminds me of the house bunny and her manhole.

err wth pauline?

seee you guys took nice pictures today whaaat!
after a few hundred shots la but still!

remember in physics,
we learnt about refraction?

real and apparent height?

you know you love me, k's-babe :)

i feel like one of those apeks in the coffee shop. u know the one with the newspaper.

i think cheryl did too.

jou, why la so serious. :P

lol yanleng. so cute.

munyi had some temporary tattoo thing for some odd reason.

slapped it to my chest.

thats boobies poking mine.

schmexxay is it not?

camwhore i did not, for a long time.

meiii and her red eye.

no pun intended in this pic.

my woman chuck bass :D

jou sucks at camwhoring =P

munyi, kiki and lola.

punjabiiiiii. :D

yoke, and his "happy face".

natAsHaAaA :D

everybody loves peckie sunday. :)

keyao, who used to think that only type of chinese there was
were the ones who knew how to speak chinese.
in her world, bananas were alien.

horng qinggggggg :D
i'll definitely miss you when you're out there kao-ing your latino teachers.
cant wait for the day when your voice becomes the first thing i hear in the morning again.

now, we had a great time talking about our form 1-3 life didn't we =P

the car ride home was super fun.


my, what big teeth you have.

LOL munyi.

f. sinatra and c. bass.

and scarf.

i think using scarves as tudungs is damn cool.

can do it old school,

lol mei looks like kun's oo goey kung fu panda dude.

the wth-is-the-point-of-a-tudung "sharizat" style,

only munyi can make wearing tudungs a sexy thing -.-

and even no-peek-a-boo arab style.

..is a con tudung.

*shakes head.


i'm done. but heck im still freaking wide awake.

i'm knackered,