Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i don't read the script. the script reads me.

en. ariff, our physics tuition teacher, left a motherload of rambutans for each of us yesterday.
and jou's mom dropped off some apple crumble cake from secret recipe.

munyi looks disgusted.

jou slept over for the night.

went to jasema for brunch the next morning.

teh and limau ais.

the chicken is pretty good dei :)

dear lord, the horror of messy hair.

roti pisang.

jou and her maggi goreng which she didnt finish as usual.

went to jou's house a lil later to wait for jo to pick us up to go to mid valley.

followed her mom's partner to drop off some stock at precious thots in bangsar village.

reached mid valley in time for lunch =P
went to kenny rodgers for something light since we were all not very hungry.

jou and jo are so damn stoned.

see what i mean?

i love their vanilla muffins, been having them since i was a toddler.

mac and cheese.
screw jo and her stupid comments about food x/

was STILL craving for takoyaki, tried my luck at the jusco there.

heh :)

stoned around the place and went to watch tropic thunder at about 4.

the earlier parts were kinda boring, though it gets better.
kinda stupid but oh well.

this is insane. are you really gonna abandon this movie? we're supposed to be a unit!
suck my unit.


walked around a bit more and went into borders at the gardens.

jo has a knack of finding the weirdest stuff.

at 7, when we were kinda tired of walking, we headed to italiannies for the nuffnang sharing session.

they made menus for us :D

our guest speaker was ky, though i dont know his real name.

robb, one of the tailous of nuffnang.

we had heckloads of food.

jou's peach drink thing.

my fav, grape shake. ky and a few others liked it too :)

as usual, they served their complimentary bread.

californian shrimp salad.
jou thought the yellow strips were capsicum, turns out they were mangos.

some kinda cheese thingy. didnt catch the name.

quattro platter
risotto balls, calamari and some kinda onion rings.

silician pizza,
had anchovies and olives in the dough.

their lamb shank kicks ass.

of course, the 10 bowls of pasta.

most of them were alright,
though there was one funky tasting one, some kinda pasta with apples and tuna.

didnt really get to taste the dessert, was too busy taking photos to notice.

if i'm not mistaken, this is the chocolate and hazelnut cake.
they served strawberry cheesecake, but we had to leave by then.

i suppose the main objective of a nuffnang sharing session is for nuffnangers to get to know each other.
though jo, jou and i were quite stoned in the beginning ;)

the bigger people.

most of the people sitting on the other side had SLRs.
made me feel so small with my beloved ixus.

see the guy holding his hand up?
he won best female costume at nuffnang's halloween party
..dressed as paris hilton.

ganas O.o

jo, jou and pinky.

kelly, me, jou and jo.

fong sisters!

smelly DU-rians.

debra :)

this is for you, ping.
one of the co-owners of big boy's oven, sidney.

bryan lim of bryanlyt.

the faces behind nuffnang...

timothy, the co-founder of nuffnang.

firdauz, the guy who does all the layout stuff in nuffnang.
thanks for sparing me your battery! and thanks to chingy too :)

pinky, the girl who gives us our ads.

yee hou, who asked me to "nang it". =.=
psst, he's a slr-whore too, jou x)

nicholas, one of the bigger people in nuffnang i think?

and our guest of honour, ky :)

"i'm selling my smile man."

thank you nuffnang and italiannes for the good food and great company :)

mwaxmwax to jou

and jo

for agreeing to come with me :)

we went home with extra baggage O.o

cause you're hot then you're cold,