Sunday, November 30, 2008

just the favour of the week.

left kl for penang at about 8.30 in the morning.

we both slept at about 2, so we were kinda groggy during the trip there.

there were a lot of harley davidsons on the road.

like, one whole batallion of em. scary mary.

when we arrived, we went to my dad's favourite coffee chop, genting in island glades.

mine and jou's bangkok pork trotter rice.

my mom's char kuey teow.

my dad's sar hor fun.

i've been craving for muar chee for quite a long time :D

went to my grandmother's condominium after that.
my dad bought the unit next door, and they went out to get some furniture.
found my cousin's mcdonalds madagascar headbands, :D

gloria the hippo,

whatshisname the zebra,

alex the lion
this picture kinda reminds me of ashvin.

and melman the giraffe.
tried to make my neck longer but fail la.

my aunt gave jou and i a ride to gurney plaza at about 2 to meet up with cheryl and mei.

jou's belgian chocolate waffles.

walked around for a bit and met up with mei's aunt.

i have a picture of my mom doing the same thing lol.

mei's aunt took us to kim gary (LOL kimmy gallery) for tea.

if i'm not mistaken, they have one in the curve as well.

me, jou and cheryl.

mei and her aunt.

a very cold munyi joined us after a short while.

yeah, she was very cold.

mei and my honey lemon with aloe.

mei's aunt's pomello juice thingy.

munyi's milo.

my peanut butter thick toast with condensed milk.

assorted mushroom in cheese.

fries with beef chilli.

cheese chicken wings.

thanks cheryl for cutting my toast :)


mei's aunt it so cool.
seriously. she started telling us about mei's family tree and.. other stuff.
help us thanks her for tea yeah, mei :D

walked around a bit more.

munyi and a flying pig.

kinda reminds me of forgetting sarah marshall.
"i'm a paediatrician and you're sitting on a fire truck."

cheryl thought the mushroom stool thing was a hat.
munyi left after that.

went to FOS and started trying kid's clothes for fun.

i just realised that the darker fabric at cheryl's sleeves werent part of the winter jacket. heh.

mine was cooler tho, "got flower" :P.

shoved myself in some kid's tuxedo top or whatever.
according to mei, this reminded her of that scene in white chicks..
you know, the part where they tried squashing him into clothes about 10x too small.

*#1. :D

after dropping cheryl home,
my dad took jou, mei and i back to my grandmother's place.

i was feeling a lil hungry so i had some indonesian layar cake my mom bought from jakarta.

and my grandmother, remembering that i love eating tea eggs,
bought 10 for me. :D nnd mei likes them too.
didnt finish all though.

there's nothing much to do so we slr-ed a bit and stoned more.

we kinda fell asleep till dinner.

i wanted hawker for dinner but my grandmother already booked her favourite restaurant for us.
forgot the name of the place tho.

steamed white chicken,
my favourite dish there.

steamed cod fish.

some kinda lotus root thingy.

sweet and sour pork ribs.

tofu and chinese mushrooms.

belacan fried asparagus with prawns.

sar hor fun,
obviously, my dad ordered this.
including today's lunch, i think he's had sar hor fun about 5 times in the past week.

kick ass pork knuckles/trotteres. :D

not many people were eating it so..

uhm yeah, my mother didnt raise me to be a barbarian but i like eating it like that. :D

dessert =.= fruits i dont like.

during dinner,

i was teaching mei how to speak hokkien.

and jou was arguing with me with her southern hokkien.

mei concluded that anything that ends with "-ui" in nothern hokkien
would end with "-eng" in southern hokkien.
quite accurate, really.

fiona and the kids.

more kids and KH.

KH, daddy and mommy.

koko, ting, kaka and aunty mon.

ting's HUGE now.
she wears clothes for like, 6-7 year olds when she's only 3.

and she's like a frickin boulder. nearly knocked me down.

and she's sooooo vaaaaaiiiiinnnn.

though no one says anything cause she's so damn cute :P

she looks like sailormoon.

went to gurney drive after dinner.

hey ashvin,

we didnt see any g-spots tho. :P


i liked that tree.

they hung real gingerbread cookie as ornaments..

along gurney drive, a lot of people were flying mini kites and blowing bubbles.

look like UFOs if you ask me O.o

gurney drive's the perfect family and couple spot, seriously.
so breezy and calm and stuff.

KH and family.

mei, jou and i.

climbed over the ledge onto this random piece of concrete slab.

jou and mei.

random :P

went to the food part of gurney drive.
they had so much food there!

clearly, this rojak stall was the most popular.

sotong bakar which you could smell from a mile away.



haha! bobo chacha.

apom manis.

mctucky. lol.

lok lok.

ikan bakar, balitong, etc etc.

and hey, if you think penang's all about the deliciously UNhealthy..

hop over for some fresh fruit juice :D

despite all that food, nothing really triggered my hunger pangs..

settled for some longan soya jelly i've always liked.

muar chee again?

poor mei was suffering from indigestion,
could see she was damn uncomfortable the whole night.

got home at about 12 at night and went to sleep at about 1.
was unceremoniously woken up by my dear mother's pounding on the door at 8.30.

went to pulau tikus for breakfast.

paid a visit to my favourite muar chee uncle.

i think i got her hooked.

IMHO, the best i've ever tasted :D

peanut butter apom.

char siew and siew yoke.

jou's mediocre wan tan mee.

and my kickass-but-extremely-jelat curry mee.

walked to the thai and burmese temple which was just a few roads down.

didnt get to go in when we were there with the scouts last time round,
if i'm not mistaken we chose to walk to gurney drive instead :P

thats one huge buddha.

i guess you can say the deco of the place is quite unique..

if not a bit scary. heh?

but with all that aside,

i totally agree with cheryl,
their coconut ice cream kicks ass. :D

left penang after that.
do you know that in that 4 hours,
i heard fall for you - secondhand serenade 5 times and crush - david arculeta 4 times on 3 different radio stations, 3 of those times they were back-to-back?
i nearly wanted to knock myself out with my grandmother's red rice wine glass bottle =.=

arrived at about 2.40 in the afternoon and had lunch at mama's with my mom and jou.
we werent very hungry,

potato shoots

fried rice with ikan bilis.

went to pasar malam and now i'm back home.
i can't wait for chantum to come back.

hey look!

it's sieu minn and mei :P

i'm still a rockstar :D