Wednesday, November 26, 2008

decisions, decisions..

today was our "last" class for cambridge before our exams.
apparently we were supposed to bring food but munyi and i didnt hear it.

yinyii, sherlyn's chocolates and jia li.

jun kit and manchun.

junkit brought this kick ass vegetarian pizza.

we were quite amazed cause it had broccoli on it. heh.

went to mama's for dinner after cambridge.

lou she fun.

potato shoot.

creamy butter sotong..

and FINALLY, something new..

sweet and sour pork.

pineapple fried rice.

"the break up", (2008)

mei was spamming my pictures.

munyii bunyiii.

jou was hungry.

we didnt have to finish her share. :D

walked back to mei's house to get some dvds.

it was drizzling so i had to protect my laptop. heh.

went back to munyi's house cause she wanted to watch sex and the city.

"i'm going to make an incision.. lights please.. scissors scissors!"


followed suzen to akarkarya to watch the 2nd day of auditions.
would be helping her out when she and lynnette would need my services :P

found this winter jacket that was hanging behind the door.
super random wei.

three bands performed today.

one red paperclip.

cheryl nearly got us killed by some band member from another band.

sixth grace.

jheeeeeennnnccccchhhheeeeeeee :D and ashley, one red paperclip's singer :)

forgot to take a picture of the last band,
mom! there are holes in my shoes!
no i'm not kidding

but i have THIS.


we had about 15 minutes to use the studio after the band went.
all of us, me, mei, ashvin, cheryl, munyi, suzen, lynnette and minghan (who came to watch)
went into the studio and it turned into an audition session for ming han.

this boy has been keeping his talents in a box.
uploaded this againts his wishes
so if there's any flaming in my cbox, don't mind it yea :)

oh, btw..
.G Thong says:
but i heard a 'shit' from his video
.: Lynnette :. says:
but the girl drummer dun wanna play
cause he forgot his lyrics
dman funny
.G Thong says:
there is a girl drummer?
.: Lynnette :. says:
.G Thong says:
oh girl drumers are hot!

hahahah! meeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii :D

sorry for the really bad pictures. couldnt flash and the anti shake wasnt working -.-

went to ou with suzen after that.
i was damn hungry cause i didnt eat the whole day.
went snacking with suzen before we had a proper dinner =P

yet another person infected by the takoyaki disease :P
had three portions (9 balls) of that for the night. x)

saw eric and sapawi so we sat down and had a chat.


oh yeah. i love takoyaki!

eric left soon after, and since sapawi was alone we asked him to join us too :)

i was craving for cinnawhite from vienna bagels since god knows when.
kicks ass okay!

he was a ktz virgin. the horrrorrrr.

i should start ordering other stuff from that shop lol.

sapawi and suzen shared a mango loh.

..which so happens to be the same colour as his phone.

i was hungry okay.

went roaming around looking for a place to have dinner.
felt like giving sapawi some hell
so i made him switch slippers with me.

his grandpa slippers and my 1-inch high flip flops :D

i had to make him look at the camera.

in the end,
decided to go to charms for dinner.

i love the deco there,
we all had something to hug,


the swing-charis are so cool.


the food came pretty fast.

suzen's pan mee.

my fried rice with salted fish and sotong head.

sapawi's pineapple rice.


sapawi kept lol-ing at this picture for some bizarre reason.


food there was mediocre,
probably not worth the price but oh well
at least i know where not to go anymore.

suzen and i made a split decision to get a temporary tattoo.
you know, those two week ones?

heh he scolded me for taking pictures cause he was kononnya camera shy.

thanks sapawi for waiting for us. :D
maybe one day i'd get a tattoo on my forehead, just to please you la okay.

he left soon after.

walked off and found out that suzen's was pretty smudged up.

he was nice enough to wipe it off and do it in another place for free :)

pretty freaky if you ask me. but quite cool nonetheless.
it would've been quite funny if she got this on her forehead tho. :P

typical, right?
told you i had a thing for dragonflies.

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

yeah right,