Sunday, November 2, 2008

terry fox run kl, 2008.

my mom sent jou, pauline and i to lake gardens this morning for the annual terry fox run kl.

and lebbbiiiiinnnn was with us as well. :D

there were lots and lots of people there..

and when i say lots..

i'm talking about a few thousand here.

people of various nationalities, races, sizes and ages ran (walked) for a noble cause today :)

though some cheated and used shortcuts =P

there were these people who ran in sarongs, one of them went barefooted.
gungho man.

hey jou, it's your gang =P

jou and pauline :D

we didnt walk the WHOLE way okay.

lebbbiiiiinnnnn and gaybriel (thats what levin makes it sound like)

the run was surprisingly short, about a 30-45 minute run max.

damn cute :)

heh.. reminds me of world jam.

they gave out free water, currypuffs and hilton muffins.
70% of the reason why i went was to eat the hilton muffins but they ran out. =.=

they sold pancakes which tasted like eggs and flour.

lol jou you gotta stop giving me that face.

stoned around lake gardens, camwhoring.

trying to perfect a meiyin camwhore shot.

their playgroud was HUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEE.
why do lil kids have such big toys to play with? =.=

"omg! it's a dinosaur!"

"yimay, go under the belly and make it look like it gave birth to you!"
"..uhm pauline.. eggs come out from the.. back."

like that, see.

so sweet :)

mwaxmwax :)

"did i get a tan line?"

went to RSC club for lunch just now.

they finally got rid of their 400 year old menu, and updated their menu.

daddy had some. chawamushi japanese thing.

their homemade mushroom soup kicks ass :D

had a light lunch,
mushroom soup, escargot and creme brulee.

courteousy of my mom.

heh :D

mei's in my house now, and jou was supposed to be here about half an hour ago.
tsk tsk tsk, you gotta reset your biological clock.
or actually, all the damned clocks in your house jou.

me and you, setting in a honeymoon,