Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Cheryl! ..and yes, i'm back from johor jam.

this year's probably the suckiest birthday you've ever had
but a present is currently waiting for you in jou's den. :D

yup, i'm back from johor jam.
in fact, so are all the female participants from petaling.
mhmm, read on.

went to uptown on friday morning to get rubbers boots for the juniors.
had breakfast at duck king with wein after that and he helped me carry my stuff to school.

pan mee. still prefer the one next to village park.

left school at about 12.30 and reached PPD Petaling in shah alam at 1.30.
way too early to do anything but stone.
and take pictures. :D



got on the bus, surprisingly, on time.

ladiessss? :D

buddy buddy :)

cheryl and i.

jensen and clarence.

linghong and aik jean.

yarnay and peckie.

vimell and eric.

wenwen and pau..
and eric.

stopped by somewhere in malacca (i think) and there was baskin robbins there.

oh, i found my glasses :D
hokey pokey.

shared a nasi goreng with cheryl.
had too many carrot pieces, bleurgh.

lo and behold........

our campsite.

nah just kidding.
that was the place we stopped for dinner.

reached batu pahat at about 8.30.

..stupid cursed canopy.

had our packeted dinner and went up our to our uphill and very dirty campsite.

set up 2 tents temporarily,
a 6 man tent for the 8 of us girls and a 4 man tent for our bags.
thank god for THAT.

pauline went to sleep in the other tent with the bags for a while,
and came out itching all over about an hour later.
we thought it was dust mites or bed bugs, so we told her to come back into our tent.

ethan? ;)

oh my gooooooooood. airrrrrrrrrrrr.

this is how we looked like before a bath at 4 am.

stoned till about 7 and they told us to have breakfast and stuff.

we werent very keen on eating the breakfast they supplied..

so we had tiger biscuits.


us with the USJ 13 girls, who developed rashes as well.

my dad's supercool bloomberg umbrella.

juniors :)

after istiadat
(where pauline volunteered to recite the scout's oath in front of everybody, you go girl.)

we were told to clean up the campsite.

we thought it was damn ridiculous to be sweeping up leaves and branches in a forest.

but burning everything to this extent?
complete utter idiocy.

poor tree :(

yeah, we were damn pissed off with all the smoke and ash flying around.

our RM10 rattan tongkats, "the identity of selangor".

went down and saw biiancaa, a girl from USJ13, in the first aid tent.

her rash became a LOT worse,
and her dad came to pick her and the other two usj 13 girls up that very same day.

after being relocated twice,
we stoned in the tent.

had a bit of lunch too.

cheryl's only source of entertainment: the notice the leaders gave us during our meeting.

she called jou and mei and i think a few others after that.
we were all very whiny, werent we..

peckie and ling hong.

went to the petaling guy's campsite.
it was so much more airy there compared to our campsite.
and had a lot of gadgets too.

i thought that was a shoe rack lol.
me with the BSD2 scouts, and USJ8's TL, gladwin.

juniors, yan leng, cheryl and 2 of the usj8 guys.

oh i forgot to mention that miss aiksha, miss yih wen and miss alicia payed us a visit. :)

too formal for my liking.

cheryl, yanleng and i went exploring around the entire area after that.

our subcamp.

what i belive to be cheryl's favourite part of the whole camp.

some guy from klang, so cute right?
(the hammocks, i mean.)

johor's signature kuda kepang,
this was at their. uhm. gerbang?

god knows what they were building at the main assembly grounds.

saw lil kids doing the zapin, so cute!


they had gerbang building competitions btw.

according to one of the guys, they keep food in the floating tent O.o

boy's brigade.

penang scouts.


went back to our tents after getting a drink.

peckie was happy with her coconut.

pauline.. and calamine lotion :(
hope you get well soon dear!

stoned around MORE,
and went to the guy's campsite after some taklimat for petaling scouts.
the USJ8, USJ 13, puchong utama, and BSD2 guys taught us a few more songs and cheers :).

yeah, they're twins.

they're genuinely nice people la.

went back to the tent and discovered that ALL of us developed the rash.
after a whole lot of drama (from cheryl ;]) and stuff,
miss told us that we had to go home the next day.

we were itchy, scratchy and extremely grumpy.

the next morning, we had istiadat with the whole of selangor.

got to admit, seeing all of us with them rattan sticks actually looked damn cool.

about 350 scouts, triple layer horseshoe. O.o

went back to our tent and started packing up since cheryl's dad and miss yih wen would be fetching us home.
cheryl, please help me thank your daddy one more time, please and thank you :)

the guys stayed though.

what rash?

this one.
top: pauline
bottom: biiancaa
it got a lot worse after that for pauline, and the rest of us too.
it spreads and it's super itchy, though it wasnt contagious, it's cause was EVERYWHERE.

and what was the cause of this?

bloody ulat bulu.

caterpillars, you know?
if there's one pest i hate more than leeches, it's them.

apparently, when the bus dropped us off on the first night,
we unloaded our stuff next to a tree full of them.
so our bags were covered with their very itchy-ish poisonous-ish god knows what the hell hair.
which explains why pauline's got it the worst among all of us 73rds.
the BU3s got it the worst, they had to go to the hospital and everything.
as of now, all the girls from petaling have gone home.
yes, all 15 of us.

bah, what a waste of RM180.
you know what was the worst part of it all?

despite the highly inaccurate weather forecast which stated that it'll be thunderstorms all the way,
it was actually sunshine the whole time.
i suppose it would've been quite an okay jamboree, if it werent for those effing worms.

everything i brought there is currently being washed in hot water
and i scrubbed myself down with salt.
never taken a 1 and a hald hour shower in my life.

ah. the medicine should've knocked me out by now but im still so damn awake.