Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ray! the sky's smiling for you :)

it's a wonder why even the heavens above are smiling upon us.

i certainly have a lot to smile about, regardless of a few unfortunate events :)
thank you karhoe for letting me steal this picture, xoxo!

--just a while ago--

this has always been my favourite picture of us.. =P
good old days..

2 years ago.
my favourite picture of you :)

mhmm rayishmybeshhfweeennnnn.

you're legal and all grown up now,
don't do anything i wouldnt do ;)

currently folding 2 weeks worth of laundry
while watching ocean's eleven for kicks.
i need to get new dvds.
i NEED. it's not even a WANT anymore.

oh, post #100,