Friday, December 26, 2008

the 3rd thing.

christmas day was pretty quiet for me.
went to peter's, jalan angsana, somewhere near pusat bandaraya again, 
for brunch with my parents and aunty lay gaik.
the last time i came here, i was still running around in diapers i think.

quite good la, but according to them it tastes different now. hmm.

daddy and fishy.

went all the way back to ttdi,
then to riana green to pick up my grandmother,
then we went to the gardens.
walked around robinsons and bought a few stuff.

had tea at alexis.

mummy dear.

i'm starting to have this thing for tea now. thank you khidir.

my mom/grandmother's coffee, which came with real sugar cubes :O
sorry la never see before. i jakun.

al funghi pizza. i like. :D

alexis' signature tiramisu.
it's not the traditional type, it's outer layer's covered with almonds and honey chunks.
i really. really. like. everything else minuses out the almond taste/texture anyway.

ah ma :) more to the collection ;)

oh and girls, if you're looking for underwear,
and guys, if you're looking for formal clothes,
go to robinsons. i'm dead serious.
not much choice for normal clothes for girls my age tho but still.

came home and rested abit.
got ready and waited for minghan to pick me up for dinner.
and waited.
and waited..
and waited...
and waited....
and waited......
yes, this is to make you feel guilty.

went to ribs, somewhere in bu, for dinner.
it's actually the same row as vesta, 
somewhere near the row of shops near bu3's community hall.
complimentary christmas cookies, which tasted like playdough.

look, it's a ponstar/siewmun :P

my mushroom burger, with extra mushrooms :D

initially, minghan's bacon burger or something.

"sudah bakar kah?"

then they changed the bacon for him lol.

people like you make people's lives difficult la.

felt like having something for dessert,
so we went to dessert's bar, soho kl.

my raspberry sorbert.

minghan's pear and white wine sorbert.
it was really bland so i chucked some of mine in his to spice it up a bit :P

i bet i'll have muscles aches from all that laughing.
the waiter, he's really damn funny lo.

mission accomplished.

and the 7th,